Pilot Program, The Comfort Palace (Main listing)

Welcome to The Comfort Palace

We feature an inexpensive, informal full-service dining experience and are open 7-days a week, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. We cater to those patrons who desire good food and a relaxing atmosphere. All our ingredients are fresh and bought locally whenever possible. Our menu is quite varied and ranges from very healthy appetizers, salads,  main courses and desserts to those that are guaranteed to add a few pounds to your waistline.

We are employee owned and operate in three locations in the county. That gives us the flexibility to ensure that we always have enough staff on hand to meet demand. That is why we prefer reservations so we can adjust our cooking and serving personnel as needed. But we always make sure to have a few tables available for those individuals and families that cannot figure out in advance where they want to dine on any specific day.

All our dining facilities are in outdoor retail areas, so parking is not a problem and we are strategically accessible from main roads, which are fed by several side streets along the way. We try and stay open during inclement weather but strongly suggest you call ahead to make sure if it is snowing or during any type of storm. The managers will always be here but some of our cooking and serving staff may not have the transportation required to conquer the storm and we do not want to disappoint you if you come in.

We also pride ourselves on our carry-out service as well as our catering. All items that are available on the menu can be prepared to carry out and you can specify if you want them cooked fully for reheating or partially cooked so you can finish the job at home. Please specify when you order.

We look forward to meeting you at any or all of our modern locations and for more information, contact us as 301-333-4444 at info@comfortpalace.com.

Legacy Stories from the Americans All Heritage Honor Roll

We are pleased to host and share these legacy stories created by honorees’ family, friends and associates. They, like us, appreciate that heritage and culture are an integral part of our nation's social fabric and want to help students participate effectively in our nation's economy, workforce and democracy.

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Albert "Chew" Kullen [Marilyn Ehrlich] (December 27, 1909 - July 30, 1966) Businessman

Albert “Chew” Kullen was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the oldest of four children. His parents, Sam and Mary Kulchinsky, were Jewish immigrants from Russia and, in addition to a rich appreciation for their heritage, they afforded their children a unique distinction.