Cost Benefit Analysis.pdf

When does $49 buy more than $680 (or even $2,440)?

When you or your family honors a loved one forever with a Heritage Honor Roll legacy story!

Newspaper Obituaries:*

  • Are usually not created or enjoyed by the honoree​
  • Are viewed for one-day in one-city
  • Are published in a single language
  • Do not link to audio or video recordings
  • Cannot be updated
  • May require an annual fee to prevent archiving

Americans All Program Legacy Stories:*

  • Can be created and enjoyed by an honoree prior to his or her passing away
  • Can be partially password protected for privacy
  • Can be published in multiple languages
  • Can include memorial and anniversary information
  • Can include links to home movies and other recordings
  • Can include links to Web pages, documents and other legacy stories
  • Can be linked to social media
  • Can be updated at any time
  • Are housed forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll
  • Can be hosted on the home pages of Americans All Legacy Partners for more exposure
  • Can be shortened and printed in an 8½" x 11" template

Members and their families also receive access to some education resources and are eligible to join our Social Legacy Network for even more benefits. Our nonprofit foundation invests more than half of your one-time, tax-deductible $49 program registration fee to support excellence in K-12 social studies instruction.

* The cost for a 5-inch newspaper obituary (210 words), including a 2-inch color photograph, is $680. The cost for a 14” newspaper obituary (1,000 words), including a 2-inch color photograph, is $2,440.           

PDF icon Cost Benefit Analysis.pdf