Join Americans All as an Individual

Individuals join Americans All for free when they enroll using the 6-digit ID Number of a K–12 public, private or alternative school that is registered for our program. Or, they can enroll for $24.50 using a Legacy Partner discount code.  A benefit of membership is the ability to create and publish a legacy story. Your story can include text, photographs, movies and other audio and video media, be published in multiple languages and include hyperlinks to other Web sites. Part of the story can be password protected, if desired. The legacy story can be shared forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll and on the Americans All home page(s) of our Legacy Partners..

Moreover, by researching and writing legacy stories, students learn more about the ethnic and cultural groups who comprise and contribute to community. In addition, members and their families can access existing Americans All program resources, including our ethnic and cultural texts, music publication, and period-specific photographs and posters (a $500+ value).

Importantly, once you join Americans All, you can subscribe to our Social Legacy Network for only $4 per month. As a thank-you for supporting our mission, the People of America Foundation, our parent nonprofit, gives you the first three months of your membership for free! Network members can access grade-level-specific resource databases with information that supports state history and civics content standards, a valuable tool to help your children with homework and testing. You will also get membership cards for discounts on goods and services and other benefits offered by program partners.

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Join Americans All as a Point of Contact for a School, Library or Historical Society

As a thank-you from our nonprofit foundation for supporting our mission, schools, libraries and historical societies receive a 5-digit code when their point of contact registers the education organization, at no cost, for Americans All. This 5-digit code enables the education organization to create a group legacy story and publish it on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll. The story can include text, photographs, movies and other audio and video media.

These education organizations can access the existing Americans All resources, including the ethnic and cultural texts, music publication, and period-specific posters and photographs ($500+ value). They can also create and use their free Americans All Legacy Partner home page(s)—in multiple languages, if desired—to describe their activities and those of internal groups and to host legacy stories of current and past students, teachers, members, employees and their families published on our Heritage Honor Roll.