Homeschool Materials

Family history is a great way
to engage children in research,
writing and critical-thinking skills.

Our K–12 social studies instructional materials (21 publications and 300 photographs) are interdisciplinary, and many will help children create legacy stories about members of their family. Unlike ancestry companies that produce only genealogy “trees,” stories published on our Heritage Honor Roll document honorees’ accomplishments and experiences so their life lessons can benefit future generations.

Our nonprofit program also:

  • Provides impartial multimedia teaching and learning tools;
  • Imparts skills important for success in college and the workforce; and
  • Offers college savings advice and tuition discounts from participating colleges.

For a one-time fee of just $24.50, Americans All aims to develop stronger families by:

  • Sharing and preserving rich family histories;
  • Promoting pride in cultural identity; and
  • Creating intergenerational bonding experiences.

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