Americans All program resources provide teachers, students and social legacy network members with comparative information about six historical population groups that helped build our nation. They also include a timeline of historic events and publications on immigration policy, major ports of entry and the music of earlier immigrants. More than 70 experts developed these materials during the past three decades. 

Americans All Texts

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The Indian Nations: The First Americans

Cesare Marino
This publication provides information on the Indian Nations that inhabited the United States and discusses the impact indigenous and new populations had on one another. The culture and history of Native Americans are considered along with the effects of European movement into their lands. U.S. government actions and policies, as well as Native American responses, are presented.

African Americans

Roy S. Bryce-Laporte and Emory J. Tolbert
Two historical perspectives of the African American experience are shared in this publication: slavery and forced migration as well as the voluntary immigration of Africans to the United States and the migration from southern to northern states. The authors trace the African roots in our nation that predate the slavery experience.

Asian Americans

Dorothy and Fred Cordova, Him Mark Lai and William M. Mason, and Franklin S. Odo and Clifford I. Uyeda
The earliest Asian immigrants to our shores were Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos. Although the early Asian immigrants shared certain problems, including racial discrimination and an imbalance between the number of men and women immigrants, each group had its own difficulties and successes. U.S. immigration policies, both historical and more recent, also are discussed.

European Immigration from the Colonial Era to the 1920s

Thomas J. Archdeacon
The earliest Europeans to come to this country, commonly called "settlers," actually were immigrants. This publication contains information on the history of European immigration to the United States and describes that experience in the context of early American history through its peak period at Ellis Island.

Mexican Americans

Richard Eighme Ahlborn, Hispanic Policy Development Project, Elizabeth Martinez, William M. Mason and Ricardo Romo
This publication provides information on the history of Mexican immigration to and migration within the United States. American migration as it affected the Mexican landowners is considered, particularly Mexican American resistance to attempted dominance by the European American culture.

Puerto Ricans: Immigrants and Migrants

Clara E. Rodriguez
The history of Puerto Rican immigration to and migration within the United States is reviewed in this publication. The issues that are unique to this Caribbean group are discussed, such as the status of Puerto Rican citizenship and the back-and-forth travel across open borders.

American Immigration: The Continuing Tradition

Charles B. Keely
This publication is on American immigration history and policy. The charts, graphs and statistical information describe how and why immigration laws were developed and explain immigration policy in relation to some major events and trends in the history and development of the United States.

An American Symbol: The Statue of Liberty

June F. Tyler
This publication provides teachers and students with information on the various periods of history of the Statue of Liberty, including its restoration.

Ellis Island

Andrea Temple and June F. Tyler
This publication provides teachers and students with information on the Ellis Island Immigration Station. Photographs by Augustus Sherman, William Williams and Lewis W. Hine are included. Their photographs depict the images of the various groups entering the United States through Ellis Island.

Angel Island

Angel Island Association, Angel Island Immigration Station Historical Advisory Committee, California Historical Society and Paul Q. Chow
This publication provides teachers and students with information on the Angel Island Immigration Station and discusses detention on the island. A video produced by the California Historical Society offers a tour of the Immigration Station and insights on its historical significance. Click here to view the video "Island of Secret Memories."        

The Peopling of America: A Timeline of Events That Helped Shape Our Nation

Compiled by Allan S. Kullen
With the contributions of more than 80 additional scholars, researchers, embassies and historical societies, this publication was developed to expand the scope of Americans All by providing a unique parallel chronology that offers students facts not readily available elsewhere. It documents a confluence of peoples, cultures and ideologies that make up U.S. history. A companion publication, The Peopling of America: A Synoptic History, provides an overview of our nation’s history through the context of diversity.