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Every individual, group and business has a story worth telling. A legacy story can be presented in text and through photographs, home movies and other video and audio mediums. It can also be published in multiple languages and include hyperlinks to other Web sites important to the honoree. The Heritage Honor Roll may contain more than one legacy story for an individual or a group—or the legacy story may appear in more than one language—because members have opted to recognize different contributions of the same individual or group or wanted to share the story in their native language.

Leveraging the public’s interest in legacy preservation enables Americans All to continue to pursue our education mission. We invest more than half of fees collected to strengthen social studies instruction and promote civic engagement, so K–12 students are better prepared to participate in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce.

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About the Heritage Honor Roll

Within the Heritage Honor Roll, individual honorees are listed alphabetically by last name. If included, maiden names appear between parentheses and nicknames appear between quotation marks. Group honorees are listed by the first letter of the group’s name. If the name starts with the word “The,” such as “The Anderson Trio,” it is alphabetized under the letter “T.” If the group is commonly called “Anderson Trio,” it is alphabetized under the letter “A.” The name of the sponsor appears in square brackets following the honoree’s name.

If an exact date of birth or death—or formation or disbandment—is not known, we add “c.” to indicate it is an approximation. If the individual is still alive or the group is still active, we leave the field blank. The honoree’s occupation, field, industry or profession is listed last.

Legacy stories reflect members’ views. Americans All does not vet these stories for accuracy. If you find content or language you deem offensive, please contact us.

To enable users to view all legacy stories, we preset the “Language” field to “-Any-.” To view all legacy stories on a specific honoree, add the honoree’s name in the appropriate field—individual or group– and click “Apply.” All legacy stories on that honoree will appear.

To find an individual or a group legacy on our Web site, type /node/ followed by its six-digit identification number as shown here: www.americansall.org/node/553031. The /node/number appears after the honoree’s information.

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Jane Addams [John Albright] (September 6, 1860 - May 21, 1935) Social Worker and Settlement House Founder /node/433990

Jane Addams received national recognition as a feminist, a social worker and the founder of the settlement house movement. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois, the eighth of nine children. Her father was a successful miller as well as a state senator and an officer in the Civil War.

Alamo, The [Ancient Order of Hibernians] (February 23, 1836 - March 6, 1836) Historic Military Garrison /node/564843

The Irish National Flag stands in a place of honor inside The Alamo in recognition of the largest ethnic group to defend that icon of independence? Renowned Author, James Michener, once said The Irish gave Texas it's basic character. If Texas character is one of determination and bravery, then the celebrated scribe hit the nail right on the head. Irishmen and women have played pivotal roles in the Lone Star State . . . 

American Revolutionary War [Ancient Order of Hibernians] (1754 - 1788) American History /node/564844

When America was born, the Irish were there!  The Irish, both Protestant and Catholic, were a major part of Washington’s volunteers from foot soldiers to high ranking officers. When increased Crown exploitation drove the colonists to protest, among the loudest were the Irish who had no great love for the Crown to begin with. And there were many immigrant Irish in America’s colonies.

Ancient Order of Hibernians "AOH" [Ancient Order of Hibernians] (1836 - ) Fraternal Organization /node/564829

The Reformation that swept Europe in the 16th century was marked by conflicts over the practice of religion. Elizabeth I declared the Church of England the State religion, and although she considered Ireland part of her state, the Irish did not. As a result, Ireland became a battlefield in a campaign to reduce Catholic power. The persistence with which the Irish clung to their religion drove the Crown to extremes . . . 

Baltimore Design School BDS [Friends of the BDS] (September 2011 - ) Public Middle-High School /node/552928

Baltimore Design School is a public middle-high school that focuses on design. In the high school, students learn the basics of Fashion Design, Architecture, and Graphic Design. In the fall of 2011 the school started with grades 6 and 7, adding a new 6th grade each year. By 2016, the school will be a full 6-12 school.

Baltimore Design School BDS [Friends of the BDS] (September 2011 - ) Public Middle-High School /node/552975

Baltimore Design School es una escuela pública media y secundaria centrada en el diseño. En la escuela secundaria los estudiantes aprenden los fundamentos de Diseño de Moda, Arquitectura, y Diseño Gráfico. En el otoño de 2011 la escuela se inició con 6to y 7mo grado, agregando un nuevo 6to grado cada año a partir de entonces. Para 2016 la escuela tendrá completos todos los grados de 6-12.

Commodore John Barry [Ancient Order of Hibernians] (March 25, 1745 - September 12, 1803) U.S. Navy First Flag Officer /node/564821

September 13th is Commodore John Barry Day. It is not a new commemorative day, for it has been commemorated on the American national calendar more than once. There were even statues erected in his honor back in the days when Americans remembered with gratitude the contributions of this dedicated man. Today, how many remember his deeds? 

Polly Bemis [Americans All] (September 11, 1853 - November 6, 1933) Businesswoman /node/433991

Polly Bemis (born Lalu Nathoy) was sold by her father for two bags of seed to a group of bandits in northern China when he fell on hard economic times because of the famine of 1871. She was then resold into a form of sexual slavery and smuggled into the United States. 

Jenna and Brooke Bortnick [Penny and Josh Bortnick] (September 23, 2005 - ) /node/437410

Jenna and Brooke Bortnick were born on September 23, 2003, at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland. Proud parents, Penny and Josh Bortnick, and brother, Dylan, were so excited to have two girls join the family.

Margaret Ann (Auer) Brennan [Brennan Family] (1926 - 1998) /node/434031

The facts of my mother’s life are largely unremarkable, except for the tragedies she experienced. She lost her first husband in World War II, and her youngest child to leukemia at the age of five.

Ellen "Nellie" Cashman [Ancient Order of Hibernians] (1845 - January 25, 1925) Entrepreneur, Prospector and Missionary /node/564826

American western music and Irish music have often been compared and that is due to the many Irish who settled the American West. From lawmen to bad men they color America’s history.  There was even a well-known set of outlaw brothers who were named after Irish patriots, but there were also Irish business people and pioneers and they helped shape the destiny of a wilderness.

Maxime “Max” Chalmin [Chalmin Family] (October 7, 1909 - April 30, 1977) Chef de Cuisine /node/434148

Mon père Maxime Chalmin, est né à Coulandon, un petit village au Centre de la France, en  Octobre,1909. Après sa scolarité et plusieurs filaments comme apprenti (comme cela se faisait à l’époque) il se dirige vers le métier de la restauration et il arrive aux Etats Unis en 1939 comme cuisinier au pavillon Belge de l’Exposition Internationale à N.Y.