Building Stronger Schools Through Storytelling

Our 32-year-old nonprofit foundation encourages everybody to share their life stories and learn about the contributions that all people have made—and continue to make—to our nation. When a school becomes a Legacy Partner—at no cost—the one-time, tax-deductible fee for students and staff to join Americans All is only $24.50. Reinforcing our belief that legacy preservation and social studies education are closely linked, we invest more than half of these membership fees to support excellence in social studies instruction. Because education is a lifelong pursuit, we give our members a free 3-month trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network.

Membership Benefits for Students, Teachers and Their Families

  • Americans All members can create, edit, share and preserve a multimedia legacy story forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll and the home pages of our Legacy Partners. They can also access our existing K–12 social studies information—a $500 value.
  • A free, 3-month trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network gives students, teachers and their families access to even more benefits:  
    • Our new resource databases with teaching tools and texts, photographs and songs; 
    • CollegeSave to receive homework help for their children and grandchildren and earn up to $52,000 in college tuition discount points that can be used at more than 385 colleges in 45 states. During the trial period, a family can earn 1,750 points, worth $1,750 in college tuition discounts (each point is worth $1 in discounts). By joining the Social Legacy Network after the trial period ends, a family can earn an additional $250 in college tuition discounts each month. In 2017, students submitted rewards points worth more than $80.1 million in tuition discounts at participating colleges; and
    • Discounts on goods and services from our partners, and e-newsletters with money-saving tips.

These benefits can continue after the trial period ends for only $4 per month.

Academic Benefits of Storytelling and Americans All for Students

Stories begin at birth, and legacies are built every time a personal, academic or professional milestone is achieved. Everybody has valuable experiences and lessons learned to share with family, friends and future generations.

  • Creating a story can be a valuable language arts exercise, providing students with an electronic diary that highlights, for example, meaningful vacation experiences and semester and/or grade-level accomplishments.
  • Storytelling is a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience, building empathy, compassion and understanding.
  • Our inclusive social studies resources help students participate successfully in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce. These proven instructional materials, initially distributed by the Houghton Mifflin Company, are being used in more than 2,000 schools and libraries.
  • By helping others less skilled in the art of writing and the use of technology to incorporate images and recordings into their legacy stories, a student can earn service-learning credits.
  • Helping others create and enhance a story also demonstrates to prospective employers and postsecondary institutions a student’s character and appreciation for how volunteerism benefits a community.
  • And as a bonus, students helping seniors create their legacy story receive a free legacy story for themselves.

Benefits of Storytelling and Americans All to Schools

Schools participate in Americans All for free because they reinforce our goals of creating and sharing legacy stories and supporting excellence in social studies instruction. In addition, they can:

  • Easily provide opportunities—in many subject areas—for students to create legacy stories, without changing established classroom lesson plans or instructional practices.
  • Receive a free story on their school that is published on our Heritage Honor Roll.
  • Host, on their free Americans All  Legacy Partner home page(s), stories from our Heritage Honor Roll about their students and staff as well as stories created by their students doing volunteer work.
  • Allow students to receive credit for volunteer activities that have an academic component. [Students do not have to join Americans All to earn service-learning credits.]
  • Make students and their families aware of the academic and personal benefits of participating in our program.

Professional Benefits for Teachers

Teachers can be more effective when they have easily accessible instructional resources that align with their school's education philosophies and help their students pass state tests. They also need access to free professional development opportunities.

  • A social studies education develops critical-thinking skills and teaches students how to evaluate different perspectives, assess the validity of evidence, work in groups and apply facts in decision-making.
  • Our inclusive supplemental resources focus on factors that help unite—rather than divide—the American people and can support interdisciplinary instruction.
  • Our program will use Web-based technology to enhance teachers’ capacity to use our resources and other social studies information most effectively.

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