Our People of America Foundation was created in October 1995 to become the parent organization of Americans All, a national education program developed in the 1980s to recognize and honor the contributions of different immigrant groups to our nation’s growth. We were formed as a nonstock corporation to manage and grow Americans All classroom resources and received notification of our publicly supported nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service in March 1997, a status reconfirmed in March 2001. Click here to review the foundation’s recent tax returns.

Sensing a much greater need, we expanded our mission to supporting excellence in K–12 social studies instruction and promoting civic engagement in our nation’s public and private schools to help ensure students are prepared to participate in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce and in our global world. Despite our success, however, the emphasis in education shifted toward STEM topics, which reduced funding for history and civics. Fortunately, our Heritage Honor Roll aimed to recognize, honor and preserve the contributions that all people have made, and continue to make, to our nation by recording their legacy stories. This component is in line with author David McCullough’s belief that “history is the story of people.”

In August 2013, the foundation created the Americans All Benefit Corporation as a marketing and operations arm to raise the necessary funds to support our education mission; this kind of corporate entity is equally committed to doing social good and making a profit. Our foundation is a major stakeholder of the benefit corporation. To pursue the foundation’s education mission and create revenue-generating products and services, the benefit corporation created a membership-based Social Legacy Network to support the public’s interest in legacy preservation; upgraded Heritage Honor Roll legacy stories to include a password protected section and a memorial and anniversary announcement tool; and became an affinity partner of the CollegeSave program to provide college tuition discounts for members. In addition, it aims to distribute additional ethnic and cultural texts and new grade-level-specific social studies resource databases that meet state content standards to afford access to quality history and civics information; create Web-based professional development opportunities to impart best practices on using these and other instructional resources; and disseminate e-newsletters to share information on legacy preservation and social studies education as well as life lessons and money-saving tips.

Our People of America Foundation invests more than half of membership fees to strengthen K–12 social studies education and promote civic engagement. Leveraging the public’s interest in legacy preservation enables us to continue to pursue our education mission. The foundation’s privacy policy ensures that contact information will not be shared or published.

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