Americans All Web Site Tutorials

                                                        Americans All Website Tutorials

Americans All members will find it easy to start creating their life stories. Our template only requires individuals to fill in their names, pertinent dates and a summary not to exceed 60 words. Additional story text, hyperlinks and photographs can be added over time. The following tutorials will help you create and publish your legacy story. You can update your story at any time, for free, and all previous versions are archived.

There are four major roles that Americans All members can have. A person (an individual or a group for which he/she is affiliated), a nonprofit organization, a school or education (a specific form of a nonprofit organization), and a business or professional service provider (and their respective offices and locations). A person can also be an agent (or Point of Contact) for a nonprofit or business member but must register separately using that organization's email address. Registration tutorials for each of the roles are below.

After they have registered, these are the tutorials to create their pages on our website.

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