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Our nonprofit foundation helps individuals, groups and local businesses and professional service providers record and archive their stories, through text, photos, videos and in multiple languages. A section of the online story can be password protected, and a shortened version can be printed out in an 8½” x 11” template to be shared with family, friends and associates. The Heritage Honor Roll may contain more than one legacy story for a person, group or business because story sponsors want to recognize different contributions or share the information in more than one language. We gift 77 percent of gross revenues from business membership fees and Social Legacy Network subscription fees to local communities.

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Legacy Partners are businesses and nonprofit organizations whose missions reinforce our goals of preserving legacy stories and supporting students and schools.. They can be searched on our Web site by name, language, category and location. 

Business Legacy Partners pay a $49 renewable fee every 6 months. For this fee, they receive free home pages on our website—one for each location and in multiple languages, if desired—to share information about the business or practice and advertise discounts on goods and services for our members. Businesses can also publish stories on our Heritage Honor Roll. They can host, on their home page(s), legacy stories that customers have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. Moreover, they are listed on both our Discounts page and our Legacy Partner landing page, so Americans All members can identify Business Legacy Partners offering discounts to them.

Nonprofit Legacy Partners can create free home page(s) on our Web site—one for each chapter/division and in multiple languages if desired—to share information about themselves and better connect with current and future members. Nonprofits participate in Americans All at no cost because they host, on their home page(s) on our website, legacy stories their members have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories.

Our sponsor directory lists the creators of legacy stories by name and state. Americans All’s privacy policy ensures that no other information on story sponsors will be shared or published.

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