Ethnic and Cultural Groups

The history of our nation is deeply tied to immigration, whether forced or voluntary.

The history of our nation is deeply tied to immigration, whether forced or voluntary. Ancestors of all Americans came here from diverse locations, so we all have immigrant roots. These experiences can be shared through legacy stories. Legacy stories acknowledge that heritage and culture are rich aspects of personal and group identity. The actions, accomplishments and contributions recorded in these stories afford future generations knowledge, insight and inspiration. Using storytelling to communicate about ethnicity and culture broadens understanding, increases tolerance and heightens acceptance. Legacy stories also contribute to the telling of our nation’s history and are a key element in a comprehensive social studies education.

Legacy stories about ethnic and cultural group members are housed and listed alphabetically by their last name on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll. These stories also appear on the Americans All home pages of our Legacy Partners. Legacy Partners are groups, businesses and organizations that honor and respect diversity in their membership and support our education mission. Included in the Heritage Honor Roll and home pages are legacy stories about immigrants who helped shape America and their descendants who continue to do so. These stories are sometimes shared in multiple languages and can be included in more than one Legacy Partner home page.

For example, to learn about the contributions of Irish men and women, visit the Americans All Heritage Honor Roll and these Legacy Partner homepages:
         Irish Immigrants Who Helped Shape America
         Irish Americans' Contributions to Our Nation

         Irish Americans: Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians
                Individual chapters and divisions have their own Legacy Partner home pages and stories on our Heritage Honor Roll.

Your members' unwritten legacy storieson themselves, their families and/or their ancestorsare part of your groups ethnic and cultural heritage and our nation's history. Encourage them to complete history's missing pages by creating their stories NOW!

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