Ethnic and Cultural Groups

The history of our nation is deeply tied to immigration, whether forced or voluntary.

The history of our nation is deeply tied to diversity and immigration, whether forced or voluntary. Ancestors of most Americans today came here from another place. Legacy stories acknowledge that heritage and culture are rich aspects of personal and group identity. The accomplishments, life experiences and lessons learned recorded in these stories afford future generations knowledge, insight and inspiration. Using storytelling to communicate about ethnicity and culture broadens understanding, increases tolerance and heightens acceptance. It can also be a wonderful intergenerational bonding activity. Legacy stories also contribute to the telling of our nation’s history and are a key element in a comprehensive social studies education.

Your member's unwritten stories are part of your ethnic and culture heritage and our nation's history. Encourage them to add their stories NOW!

Ethnic and Cultural Group Legacy Partners (Legacy stories can appear in more than one category.)

African Lineage:
African Americans: Unwilliing and Voluntary Immigrants Who Shaped America
          Nigerian Immigrants and Nigerian Americans Who Shaped America

European Lineage:
           French Immigrants and French Americans Who Helped Shape America
          Irish Americans: Members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians
          Irish Immigrants and Irish Americans Who Helped Shape

North America:
     Native American
         Native Americans: The Indian NationsThe First Americans
     Major League Baseball



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