Join the Social Legacy Network

The Social Legacy Network, an initiative of the nonprofit People of America Foundation, provides additional benefits to members of the Americans All program. Once a user has registered for a free lifetime membership in Americans All, they are gifted a free, three-month trial subscription (students keep the free trial opportunity until their class graduates) in our Network as a thank-you for supporting our mission of supporting students participating in non-curricular school activities and helping local businesses succeed. Students and their families, schools and their staff and alumni participate as lifetime members of Americans All at no cost.

After the trial period is over, members can elect to continue their subscription for only $4 per month. We will not bill you unless you authorize us to do so. 

For the monthly fee, members and their families can:

  • Use membership cards to access discounts on goods and services from program partners. We believe that the discounts received by our members will far exceed the cost of their monthly membership.
  • Even though we are no longer active in Social Studies, English-Language-Arts, or any curricular arena, members can access our online K–12, nonpolitical supplemental classroom resources presented in multiple perspectives, which were sold to more than 2,000 schools and libraries nationwide.
  • Take advantage of the links embedded in these references to strengthen learning opportunities.

Our network’s privacy policy ensures that your contact information will not be shared or published.

Since our Social Legacy Network is optional for members of Americans All, it can be activated at any time after the free trial period has expired. If a member does not opt to join immediately, he/she can join by clicking here. This will direct you to a new registration page.