Americans All, a program of the 35-year-old nonprofit People of America Foundation, has repurposed its unique storytelling tool to support families who have lost a loved one to Covid-19. This tool can also help unite our nation, which has become severely polarized due to the lack of serious conversations about systemic racism.

Diversity, Systemic Racism and Women’s Rights

     We recognize that differences make us human, but respect for one another—a key to getting past stereotypes or politics—is the glue that makes communities work. Our nation has become so polarized that a major reset is required to get us back on track. Before we can move forward, however, we must understand our history and highlight the values that unite rather than divide the American people. Our program’s focus and website have been expanded from ethnic content to document and support major Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage issues as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. Our engagement aims to help people--who care--recognize that unconscious bias is the very human tendency to make quick—and sometimes lasting—harmful judgments about people without having a factual basis to do so.

    To start a serious conversation about systemic racism, we must first identify its driving forces. We must also expose the continuation of cornerstone beliefs and related symbols and attitudes that are still negatively affecting societal behaviors. Once caring people see that their unconscious biases may unintentionally lead to discrimination and may harm their self-interest, the road to change becomes possible. We can then override the polarization and work on creating a more perfect union by following the ideas and beliefs that led to its formation.

     Our website documents the driving forces of systemic racism, especially following the Civil War, and other forms of social injustice (see, for example, the Civil WarJim Crow Laws and Jim Crow Violence summary pages and a summary of our major timelines.  

Americans All's Mission and Goals  

     Our program remains true to its mission to honor the contributions that all immigrants, both forced and voluntary, have made—and continue to make—to the United States. We aim to reinforce our nation’s values of diversity, tolerance and acceptance through legacy storytelling about individuals and groups. We also include historical information in timeline format that provides context for these stories. 

    A second goal is to help students succeed in our democracy, economy and workforce by providing them, their families and their schools with free access to supplemental, inclusive social studies resources already being used in more than 2,000 schools and libraries. Lastly, we give small businesses—many of which are minority-owned or employ people of color—new marketing tools to better reach their clients and customers. They can create their own stories to better connect with their clients and customers and access an inexpensive way to publish daily discounts on their goods and services for Americans All members.

     We recognize that differences make us human, but respect for one another—a key to getting past stereotypes or politics—is the glue that makes communities work. Individuals and families participate in Americans All for free, and all members gain access to our instructional materials. 

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