Become a Legacy Partner

Legacy Partners are families, groups, schools and local, regional and/or national businesses or organizations whose missions reinforce our program's goals of creating and sharing legacy stories and supporting excellence in social studies instruction. 

Legacy Partners participate in our program at no cost because they:

  • Create free home pages on our Web site—for different locations and in multiple languages—to share information about themselves, better connect with their clients, and customers and staff;
  • Host, on their home page(s) on our Web site, legacy stories of clients, associates and staff, published on our Heritage Honor Roll—created by members of the Americans All program—to provide additional exposure for these stories;
  • Increase community visibility through support of local schools;
  • Be searched on our Web site by name, language, category and location; and
  • Share discounts on goods and services and other benefits with members  of Americans All, our Social Legacy Network and other Legacy Partners

Legacy Partners Receive an ID Number so clients, associates and staff can purchase an Americans All membership at the $24.50 discounted rate, without the organization incurring any administrative costs. The membership could  also be included in an annual fee or gifted as an organization benefit. Moreover, Legacy Partners can access Americans All logos and marketing templates to communicate the importance of our program to their current and future clients and customers.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to become a Legacy Partner.    

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Click here to see an example of how your Legacy Partner home page will appear on the Americans All Web site.

Click here to recommend a Legacy Partner point of contact, so your family, group, business or organization can support its community and our program.