Become a Legacy Partner

Legacy Partners are businesses, professional service providers and nonprofit organizations whose missions reinforce our goals of preserving legacy stories, acknowledging the contributions of immigrants, supporting students participating in non-curricular school activities, and helping small businesses succeed. In response to current social issues, we have repurposed our unique storytelling tool to also support families who have lost a loved one to Covid-19 and to help unite our nation which has become severely polarized due to the lack of serious conversations about systemic racism.

All Legacy Partners receive a 6-digit ID Number when they register so their clients, members, friends and staff can easily find them on our site by putting the word “node” and that ID number after our web address— 

Business Legacy Partners

Business Legacy Partners pay a $49 fee that is renewable every 6 months. For this fee, 
you can:

  • Receive free home pages on our Web site—one for each location and in multiple languages, if desired—to share information about your business or practice and advertise discounts for current and future Americans All members.
  • Get three additional business accounts at no charge. These can be used for branch offices or to list your business under multiple categories at the same location. Every renewal includes the continuation of the three additional business accounts. The additional accounts register by clicking on the "Add My Location" link on their Welcome Back page.

  • Host, on your home page(s), legacy stories that customers have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. By doing so, you begin creating or expanding an affinity club for your business or practice.

  • Be listed on both our Discounts page and our Legacy Partner landing page, so Americans All members can identify Business Legacy Partners offering discounts on goods and services.

Moreover, businesses benefit because stories directly impact emotions, and emotions rather than data change behavior and frequently determine decisions to buy. Good storytelling builds trust and connections. It influences people to believe in the products upon which they depend every day and encourages them to become customers and clients.

Your participation in Americans All helps provide schools with more noncurricular resources to help produce a well-rounded education for their students.

Nonprofit Legacy Partners and Issues/Topics Index

Nonprofit Legacy Partners (NLPs) participate in Americans All at no cost because they host, on their free Legacy Partner home page(s) on our website, legacy stories that members have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. These home page(s)—one for each chapter/division/office and in multiple languages, if desired—share information about the organization and help it better connect with current and future members.

NLPs are listed on our Legacy Partner landing page and can be searched by name, language, category and location. To help individuals and groups that share a common interest but are not represented by a national organization, such as families of Covid-19 victims and First Responders, and to consolidate stories on historically relevant topics, we have added landing pages for these issues/topics in our Legacy Partner section. If an individual or a group creates a story about an issue/topic we have not identified, notify us via our Contact page and we can create a landing page for that issue/topic.

Click here to become a point of contact so your Nonprofit Legacy Partner can join our program.

Click here to become a point of contact so your Business Legacy Partner can join our program.

Click here to become a point of contact to Add my Location to a Business Legacy Partner account. This benefit is available to local small commercial businesses and professional service providers that have no more than 3 offices.

Click here to see a list of all Legacy Partners.

Note: A person, creating either his/her own Americans All membership or acting as an organization's point of contact to create their membership, can publish multiple stories for our Heritage Honor Roll by taking advantage of the opportunity to create the individual or group story in multiple languages. But an organization’s point of contact—for either a business or a nonprofit—can only create one Americans All Legacy Partner landing page for each organization. However, that landing page can be published in as many languages as desired. Moreover, a person can be a point of contact for multiple organizations, but each organization must be registered with a separate e-mail address.

Because schools and education organizations receive revenue from Americans All, they are a special category of Legacy Partner. A person or a Business/Nonprofit Legacy Partner can only sponsor one school or education organization, but a school or an education organization can have an unlimited number of sponsors.