Get Social Studies Resources for a School, Library or Historical Society

We support excellence in social studies instruction and promote civic engagement to help ensure all students are prepared to participate in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce. Our goal is to give all public and private K–12 schools, as well as libraries and historical societies nationwide, free electronic access to existing Americans All program resources. Our resources reflect the importance of diversity in social studies instruction. They provide comparative information about six ethnic and cultural groups who helped build our nation. They also include period-specific photographs and posters; a timeline of historic events; and publications on immigration policy, major ports of entry and the music of earlier immigrants. More than 70 experts developed these materials during the past four decades.

Our foundation invests more than half of its membership fees in strengthening history and civics instruction. To assist schools in registering, we have prepared an education database that includes contact information for most of our nation’s public and private schools; each school is assigned a 6-digit ID Number. If a school is new or has changed its name, instructions are provided for the school to add itself to our education database. Libraries and historical societies register by following the same instructions as schools that are not included in our education database.

To register, each organization must designate a point of contact to serve as its agent by using the organization’s e-mail address. An individual can be the point of contact for more than one organization. The organization’s point of contact can also join Americans All by registering with his or her personal e-mail address to create a legacy story for our Heritage Honor Roll. Information on a point of contact is not shared or published, and we identify our members only by their e-mail address.

Once an organization has been registered for Americans All by its point of contact, the organization will receive an e-mail with a 5-digit code to enable it to create a free legacy story on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll. In addition, organizations can create free Americans All Legacy Partner home page(s) on our Web site. The home page(s) enable the organization to host legacy stories of individuals and groups affiliated with the organization published on our Heritage Honor Roll.

For greater visibility, the organization’s story can be shared on the Americans All home page(s) of other Legacy Partners. This can be done at any time by clicking on “Edit my legacy story” under the “Action” tab on the organization’s “Welcome Back” page.

Click here to log in to your account or create a "User Account." If you want to become a school's point of contact, this can be done through a link on your “Welcome Back” page.

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