Howard County Historical Society HCHS Historical Society

Howard County Historical Society HCHS [Friends of HCHS] (c.1958 - ?) Historical Society

Founded in 1958, the Howard County Historical Society is primary private repository of historical records and artifacts related to Howard County’s rich history, the Howard County Historical Society provides access to materials that aid in historical exploration, research and discovery for all ages and cultural groups.

Throughout the year, the Howard County Historical Society presents a wide variety of engaging public programs, concerts, lectures, and other activities.  The Society also welcomes school groups, scouts, home schoolers, adult groups, and the public to participate through field trips and outreach programs.

The Howard County Historical Society Museum is housed in the former First Presbyterian Church which was generously donated to the Society in 1960 by Mrs. James (Alda Hopkins) Clark in memory of her late husband.

Located next to the Court House in Ellicott City, the original church was a modest building constructed in 1837 that collapsed during renovations in 1894. Rebuilt later that same year, the current Gothic-style structure with its soaring 100-foot bell tower, steeply pitched roof and stained and leaded glass windows was designed by George Archer and constructed by Frederick A. Wayland. Along with an extensive collection of fascinating artifacts, textiles, furniture and memorabilia, the Museum is home to a refurbished 1855 organ built by the A.B Felgemacher Organ Company of Erie, PA.