Homeschool Family Resource Supplier

Homeschool families assume the responsibility for educating their children. Yet the lack of federal, state or other funding limits their ability to access many of the instructional resources and teaching tools available to public and private schools. At the same time, differing education philosophies often preclude the use of traditional textbooks, particularly in history and civics.

Social studies education is key, because this discipline helps prepare students to participate effectively in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce. The nonpartisan, multimedia and historically accurate information housed in our Homeschool Resource Center—and delivered via the Internet—makes it practical and affordable for homeschool families to customize social studies instructional resources to better support their values. 

Our resource databases will be grade-level-specific, and some of the information can be used to help ensure homeschool students meet state and college testing requirements in social studies. The databases will be organized alphabetically and by subject matter and will include names of people, places, events and concepts. Embedded in the databases are links to other appropriate information to strengthen learning opportunities and facilitate interdisciplinary connections. In addition, we offer Web-based professional development for teaching social studies in homeschool environments.

Center users will also find links to social studies instructional materials and teaching tools that we have developed during the past 35 years. Many of these resources can effectively enrich the homeschool learning experience. They include a nonpartisan and historically accurate 412-page timeline publication; hundreds of period-specific photographs, each annotated to tell a story; 22 songs that reflect the experiences of early 20th century groups; and grade-level-specific teacher's guides.

Our Homeschool Resource Center leaves all content, curriculum and instructional decisions to individual families. To ensure privacy, we do not publish or share contact information on our members. As our center is still under development, we welcome suggestions on what information would be most useful to you.