State Databases

Americans All (AA) invests 80 percent of the revenue received from SLN subscriptions and Business Legacy Partner (BLP) sponsorships in schools and communities that support our program. During the registration process, subscribers and businesses identify a school or other education organization to become the beneficiary of part of their subscription or sponsorship fees. SLN subscribers and BLPs can change the beneficiary they want to support at any time. Schools receive $12 per year (or 25 percent) of each new or renewed SLN subscription and $15 per year (or 15 percent) of each new or renewed BLP sponsorship. If no organization is specified, the funds will go to their county.

All funds that AA receives from SLN subscriptions and BLP sponsorships will be electronically deposited into a master checking account. Every month, AA will electronically create an invoice on behalf of the school to release the funds from this master checking account. The funds will be transferred to the school’s checking account using the ACH transfer process. 

To facilitate revenue distribution to each county, we will create a master spreadsheet that each jurisdiction can access. The spreadsheet below will show the monthly activity of each school—identified by its code—and the school’s cumulative totals. The spreadsheet will also show the total number of SLN subscriptions and BLP sponsorships in each jurisdiction.

Click here to view the spreadsheet.