Local Businesses and Professional Service Providers

Business Legacy Partners are local businesses and professional service providers who participate in Americans All for a nominal fee of $49 every six months, at least 77 percent of which is returned to their community. For this fee, they:

  • Receive free home page(s) on our Web site—one for each location and in multiple languages, if desired—to share information about the business or professional practice and advertise available discounts to other program members.
  • Get three additional business accounts at no charge. These can be used for branch offices or to list your business under multiple categories at the same location. Every renewal includes the continuation of the three additional business accounts. The additional accounts register by clicking on the "Add My Location" link on their Welcome Back page.
  • Host, on special landing page(s), legacy stories that customers have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. By doing so, they begin creating or expanding an affinity club for their business or practice.
  • Can be listed on both our Discounts page and our Legacy Partner landing page, so Americans All members can identify Business Legacy Partners offering discounts on goods and services.
  • Can be searched on our Web site by name, language, category and location.
  • Can update their Heritage Honor Roll stories and Legacy Partner landing page(s) as often as desired, at no cost.
  • Support our mission to enhance social studies education in schools, thus reinforcing their important role in the community.

Click here to view or download a tutorial on registering your business or professional service for Americans All.

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