A program that helps members afford the cost of a college education.

CollegeSave has partnered with Americans for Affordable College Costs (AACC), a non-profit consumer education organization dedicated to educating and informing families how to save money and reduce the rising cost of college tuition. Members receive valuable benefits including a Personal College Savings Roadmap®, access to our Panel of Experts, Homework Helplines to help kids get good grades, and opportunities to receive FREE Tuition Rewards Points® worth thousands of dollars in guaranteed tuition discounts at more than 385 colleges across the United States.

CollegeSave has contracted with one of the largest networks of private colleges to provide the Tuition Discount benefit for CollegeSave member families. These are excellent schools and approximately 80 percent are listed in the US News and World Report’s ranking of America’s Best Colleges. They are interested in attracting qualified students from financially responsible families to apply to their institutions. They recognize the economic challenges facing families who are saving to cover college tuition costs and the long-term burden student loan debt imposes on even successful college graduates. Each of these colleges and universities has agreed to discount their standard tuition to attract qualified students to apply and, if accepted, to attend their school.

The CollegeSave program is available exclusively through partners such as the Americans All Social Legacy Network, which gives you, as a member of Americans All, a three-month free trial membership. During that free trial period, you can earn 1750 points, worth $1,750 college tuition discounts (each point is worth $1 in discounts), and can continue to earn an additional $250 in college tuition discounts for each month you remain an active member of the Social Legacy Network.

Over 4 million families have been served by the tuition discount scholarship platform since its inception. In 2017, students submitted reward points worth over $80.1 million in tuition discounts at the participating colleges.  We hope that as a participant in CollegeSave you will maximize your college tuition savings through your tuition discounts and other CollegeSave benefits and that you will remain an active member of the Social Legacy Network until your child or children graduate. However, if your circumstances change, you can opt out at any time—without penalty—by notifying the Social Legacy Network of your decision to cancel your membership. Even if you cancel, you keep the college tuition discounts you have earned and other CollegeSave benefits (advice from the Panel of Experts, homework support for your students, your Personal College Savings Roadmap®, etc.), during your membership in the Social Legacy Network. 

Here’s How It Works

Students do not have to name a school they want to attend until they are ready to apply to college.

  • When the student is ready to submit college applications, they log into the scholarship administrator's portal and click on the schools of their choice. The scholarship administrator notifies these colleges that the student has earned tuition discounts that they have contracted to honor.  
  • If the student is accepted and attends one of the more than 385 participating colleges in 45 states nationwide, the college will discount the tuition bill by the number of points he or she has earned in four equal annual installments in their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year of college. The Tuition Discount points represent a guaranteed minimum scholarship that can be combined through stacking or blending with other aid offered by the participating college. 
  • Consider this example: If the school’s annual tuition is $30,000 and the family has saved $40,000 worth of tuition discounts points, the tuition bill would be reduced by $7,500 each year. The additional 10,000 -points the family has earned can be assigned to another child in their immediate or extended family.,