First Responder Families

First responders—firefighters, police officers, paramedics and emergency medical technicians—dedicate themselves to aiding and protecting citizens in emergency situations.

They put others’ safety and well-being above their own, often at great risk to themselves. The tragic events of 9-11 offer dramatic proof of the heroism and self-sacrifice of America’s first responders. Yet, because these men and women often serve in anonymity, their dedication to duty can be lost to posterity. By creating and sharing a permanent record of their service, current and future generations gain insights and inspiration.

As a proud member of a first responder family, or an individual who has benefited from their service, you will want to join Americans All. Our program uses legacy stories to highlight the contributions and common experiences of all Americans. We want to uphold our nation’s values of diversity, tolerance and acceptance by investing more than half of our membership revenue to provide inclusive social studies instructional resources that also help students participate in our democracy, economy and workforce. Some of the classroom resources inform students about how domestic first responders have contributed to preserving the nation’s ideals and welfare.

A one-time, tax-deductible fee of only $49 ($24.50 using a discount Legacy Partner Promo Code—registers a member, provides a template to create a story and affords access to our social studies materials. Because education is a lifelong pursuit, we gift our members a free, 3-month trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network to get even more benefits. However, schools, students and students’ families and friends participate in Americans All at no cost and receive a free, 3-month trial to our Social Legacy Network. If your story is created by a student, it would be free.

Benefits of Membership in Americans All and Its Social Legacy Network

Americans All members can create and edit a legacy story and share and preserve it forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll and on the home pages of our Legacy Partners. This story:

  •  Can contain up to 2,000 words, of which 1,000 can be password protected.
  •  Can be published in multiple languages and be updated at no cost.
  •  Can be enhanced with photographs, home movies and audio recordings.
  •  Can include links to other Heritage Honor Roll legacy stories, social media sites and other Web pages.
  •  Can be shortened to print on an 8½” x 11” template to share with family and friends.
  •  Can take advantage of our secure event, anniversary and memorial information e-mail tool.

Members and their families can also access our existing K–12 social studies information—a $500+ value.

The free, 3-month Social Legacy Network trial subscription gives members and their families access to:  

These and other benefits can continue after the trial period ends for only $4 per month.

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