Get Social Studies Resources for a School

We support excellence in social studies instruction and promote civic engagement to help ensure all students are prepared to participate in our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce. Our goal is to give all public and private K–12 schools nationwide free electronic access to the Americans All program resources. They reflect the importance of diversity in social studies instruction. This information includes ethnic and cultural texts, period-specific photographs and posters and a music CD. Our foundation invests more than half of its membership fees in strengthening history and civics instruction. To simplify school registration, our contact database includes information on most of our nation’s public and private schools, and each is assigned an identification number. All schools need to do is designate a point of contact. In addition, when they register, teachers must provide us with their school’s identification number. Contact information is not shared or published.

Once teachers are registered for Americans All, they can join the program’s Social Legacy Network for only $4 per month. As a thank-you from the People of America Foundation for their support of social studies education, the first three months of that trial membership are free!

By joining the network, teachers can access grade-level-specific resource databases with information that supports state history and civics content standards. Embedded in these databases are links to other information to help strengthen learning opportunities and facilitate interdisciplinary connections. In addition, teachers can electronically access the Americans All collection that includes ethnic and cultural texts and songs, posters, hundreds of period-specific photographs, reference texts and grade-level-specific teacher’s guides. Moreover, sample lesson plans, simulations and test questions are offered. They can also take advantage of professional development opportunities that impart best practices for using these and other resources and also receive e-newsletters with information on legacy preservation and social studies education as well as life lessons and money-saving tips.

In addition, teachers are automatically enrolled in CollegeSave. This organization gives parents of newborns to high school juniors up to one full year of college tuition discounts, practical college savings advice, and a Personal College Savings Roadmap® and provides students with experts for homework help. Teachers can earn 1750 points worth $1,750 in tuition discounts (each point is worth $1 in discounts)—valid at more than 385 top colleges—during the free trial period, plus $250 worth of additional tuition discounts each month you continue your Social Legacy Network membership after the trial period ends. Even if you opt not to continue your network membership, you will keep the $1,750 worth of college tuition discounts just for trying this three-month free trial membership!

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