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Welcome Homeschool Families!

Americans All uses a unique storytelling tool to facilitate legacy preservation, enable students to communicate better and help
small businesses succeed.

Without this information, children will neither understand their roots nor develop their ethnic and cultural identity. In addition, storytelling brings communities together by sharing people’s common histories, rather than their differences. Homeschool families, their relatives and friends participate as lifetime members in Americans All at no cost and receive a free, one-year trial to our Social Legacy Network. Members and their families:

  • Can create and archive life stories that are vital to passing on family members’ knowledge and experiences to current and future generations. Legacy stories published on our Heritage Honor Roll can contain photos and links to home videos and social media; can be updated any time, and can be partially password protected. The stories can be published in additional languages, providing an added educational opportunity for students. 
  • Americans All members will find it easy to start creating their life stories. Our template only requires individuals to fill in their name, date of birth and a summary not to exceed 60 words. Additional story text, hyperlinks and photographs can be added over time.
  • Receive more exposure for their stories by having them hosted on Americans All Legacy Partner homepages.
  • Give students an opportunity to become proficient in written communication, a skill they need to succeed in college and the workforce. Moreover, if students help others less tech-savvy create a legacy story, they learn the value of community service.
  • Acknowledge that storytelling can be a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience that builds compassion and understanding.
  • Gain free access to the Americans All social studies resources used in more than 2,000 schools and libraries nationwide, a $500+ value. Americans All invests half of its membership fee to aggregate and distribute vetted, impartial resources. We leave all instructional decisions to homeschool families.
  • Gain access to our Homeschool Resource Center​, A Virtual K-12, Multimedia Social Studies Library.
  • Receive a free one-year trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network, which enables the family to get discounts on goods and services from our program partners. After the trial period ends, members can maintain their subscription for only $4 per month and continue to receive Legacy Partner discounts and more education resources. Importantly, we will not invoice you to continue your Social Legacy Network subscription after the trial period ends without your permission.

If a homeschool parent owns or operates a small business or practice, their entity can also benefit by joining Americans All for a 6-month renewable membership fee of just $49. They:

  • Receive free home pages on our Web site—one for each location and in multiple languages, if desired—to share information about their business or practice and advertise discounts for current and future Americans All members.
  • Get 2 free 7-digit Gift Codes (worth $49) to publish stories on our Heritage Honor Roll. One of these codes can be used to create a story on the business or practice and the other to create a story on the owner or founder. Every renewal includes two 7-digit Codes to gift to staff or family members. 
  • Host, on their home page(s), legacy stories that customers, clients and staff have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. By doing so, a loyalty club is created or expanded for the business or practice to better connect with current and prospective customers and clients.
  • Are listed on both our Discounts and Legacy Partner landing pages, so Americans All members can identify Business Legacy Partners offering discounts on products and services.
  • Can develop co-marketing strategies with other Americans All Business Legacy Partners.

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