Libraries and Historical Societies

Library and Historical Society Legacy Partner

When our nonprofit People of America Foundation formed Americans All 32 years ago, we provided vetted, diversity-based social studies resources for K-12 schools. The focus on STEM subjects and the lack of required national testing in social studies reduced the classroom time devoted to this discipline and forced us to develop a different way to generate funds to achieve our mission of supporting excellence in social studies instruction.

We now focus on publishing the stories of people who helped shape—and continue to shape—our nation’s history. All generations need to pass on the knowledge they inherit from their families, so children understand their roots, embrace their identity and learn how to relate to others.

Libraries and historical societies specialize in local history and, therefore, are ideal entities to partner with us to collect and share the legacy stories that help define and strengthen their  communities. Our education organization registration process for Americans All now also applies to libraries and historical societies. However, because we do not have libraries or historical societies in our education database, they need to register the same way schools not included in our database have need to register.

Registration Notes:

1. To become a School, Library or Historical Society Legacy Partner and receive a free story for publication on our Heritage Honor Roll, education organizations must first designate a point of contact to set up a free user account.

2. The education organization’s point of contact then serves as an agent for the organization and registers the library or historical society for Americans All using the organization’s e-mail address.

3. The organization’s point of contact can also join Americans All and create a legacy story for our Heritage Honor Roll by registering with his or her personal e-mail address.

4. An individual can be the point of contact for more than one education organization. We identify our members only by their e-mail address.

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