As parents, we have a vested interest in making sure our children can participateand succeedin our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce.

Americans All uses a unique storytelling tool to facilitate legacy preservation, enable students to communicate better and help small businesses succeed. Families can also use this tool to pass on knowledge and experiences to current and future generations. Without this information, children will neither understand their roots nor develop their ethnic and cultural identity. In addition, storytelling brings communities together by sharing people’s common histories, rather than their differences. Schools, students and students’ families and friends participate in  Americans All at no cost and receive a free, 3-month trial to our Social Legacy Network.

Local businesses and service providers participate in our program as Business Legacy Partners, for a nominal fee. They can leverage stories about their business or practice to build closer relationships with current and future customers and clients. They can also use our program to share discounts on their goods and services with Americans All Social Legacy Network members.

Schools frequently ask businesses for financial support but rarely provide them with anything of value in return. Our grassroots approach enables schools to receive ongoing revenue from the fees paid by Business Legacy Partners. Americans All members can also continue their Social Legacy Network subscription for a small monthly cost ($4) after the free trial to continue to receive discounts from program partners and additional benefits. Schools also benefit directly from the Social Legacy Network fees.

Despite our successful distribution of classroom resources to more than 2,000 schools and libraries nationwide, we aim to stay clear of the divisive politics that are now affecting the teaching of social studies, and still staying true to our mission, have included a new goal. We have repurposed our unique storytelling tool to help families that lost a member(s) to COVID-19 to gain closure, and to permanently preserve the memories, contributions and achievements of their loved one(s). We also need to recognize the incredible, unselfish work of the first responders who risked their own lives to help those in need.

Your PTSA can help by encouraging your school to become one of our Legacy Partners, at no cost. As such, the school:

  • Can give students and students’ families and friends the school's Legacy Partner ID Number so they can participate in Americans All at no cost and receive a free, 3-month trial to our Social Legacy Network.
  • Can create as many free home pages on our Web site—in multiple languages, if desired—to describe the school's activities. More importantly for your school, each student club and team can have its own Legacy Partner homepage to host stories of its members.
  • Americans All has received preapproval by the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools’ Student Service Learning Office, making it easier for your students to receive community service credit for their volunteer work.

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