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Benefits of a Free, Lifetime Membership in Americans All and Storytelling for Students

To register, students need to create a “New User Account,” which will set up a personalized “Welcome Back” page containing links to all program functions and benefits. We only need your name, email address, and Zip Code. If privacy is an issue, insert your initials, rather than your full name, in the “Name*” fields. That data will be used on your membership card. Internally, we only identify our members by their email addresses. The Zip Code will enable us to know how many members are registered in each geographic area. Importantly, we do not share or publish contact information or store credit card information.

  • Your registration also provides a three-month free trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network (students keep their free trial until their class graduates). Your subscription enables you to receive discounts on goods and services from our program’s business partners and professional service providers.
  • Another benefit of membership is creating and publishing two stories in English—and as many as desired in multiple languages—for our Heritage Honor Roll. Stories can be augmented with photographs, hyperlinks, and audio/visual materials. It is easy to start creating a story. Our template only requires individuals to fill in their name, date of birth, and a summary not to exceed 60 words. Additional story elements can be added over time. In addition, members can also create a shorter version (up to 500 words) which can be printed in an 8½” x 11” format. You do not need to create a story to join the Social Legacy Network.
  • Creating and publishing a story about themselves helps students develop skills in critical thinking, communicating, researching, and especially, writing—skills needed to help ensure their success in postsecondary institutions and/or the workforce.
  • Students can use their stories to create virtual yearbooks for all the clubs and teams they participate in. If they have already created a story, they can repurpose it by adding additional elements. This will give them a permanent, accessible social media presence that truly describes who they are.
  • Intergenerational knowledge of one’s family history is associated with positive mental health, wholeness, well-being and a sense of belonging. In today’s polarized, socially segregated, and increasingly diverse America, investments in belonging are more urgent than ever. When one belongs, they feel emotionally connected, welcomed, included, and satisfied in their relationships.
  • Storytelling can also be a wonderful bonding experience that builds empathy, compassion, and understanding. By helping others less skilled in the art of writing and the use of technology to incorporate images and recordings into their legacy stories, a student can earn service-learning credits.
  • Helping others create a story also demonstrates to prospective employers and postsecondary institutions a student’s character and appreciation for how volunteerism benefits a community.

Even though Americans All is no longer active in any curriculum area, members can access our online K–12, nonpolitical supplemental classroom resources presented in multiple perspectives, which were sold to more than 2,000 schools and libraries nationwide.

Benefits of a Free, Lifetime Membership in Americans All and Storytelling for Schools

     By registering as a School Legacy Partner, you can now receive funds from our Business Legacy Partners. Please give your 6-digit ID Number to your PTA or other groups that help you raise funds, so they can provide it to businesses when they register. Many of the members of the PTA (as well as other school families) own or participate in local businesses and as professional service providers and can use this program to gain additional exposure and reach a larger audience for their entities. Your school will receive at least 77 percent of their gross membership fee. We will send your agent, or point of contact (poc), information on how funds will be seamlessly transferred to your school.

     Your poc can now create and publish your landing page(s), at no cost, in as many foreign languages as you desire. The school has the option of allowing stories to be published on their landing pages. In addition, your poc, now or at any time, can create and publish two stories in English and as many in multiple languages on your school as you desire. The stories can include text, photographs audio/video media, and hyperlinks to other Web site pages. The legacy story will be published on our Heritage Honor Roll and can updated, for free, at any time.

     Moreover, please encourage your students to register themselves as members of Americans All. It will only require a name, email address, and Zip Code. This will enable them to automatically become members of our Social Legacy Network for free until their class graduates, and qualify them to receive discounts on goods and services from our Business Legacy Partners. In addition, school clubs and teams can set up their own landing pages (using a separate email account) to host the stories of their members—thus creating a series of virtual yearbooks. Since these pages are electronic, they are easy to access, and if students keep their stories updated, it will be easy for members of each club or team to stay current on the activities of their classmates.

     By sharing stories, we can all recognize the contributions of every individual, reinforce the values of diversity and respect, and promote tolerance, acceptance, empathy, and understanding. This can help our increasingly polarized communities and nation focus on commonalities, rather than differences.

     Your participation in our program supports students participating in non-curriculum school activities.

Click here to view or download a tutorial on registering your school as a Legacy Partner for Americans All, for free.

Click here to view or download a tutorial on registering an individual for Americans All, for free.


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