Schools and Students

Benefits for Schools, Students, Students’ Families, Staff, Alumni and Community Members​

Schools, students, students’ families, staff, alumni, and community members participate in Americans All for free, and schools receive ongoing revenue from membership and subscription fees (see graphic). In addition:

  • Our supplemental resources in social studies can enrich existing instructional practices, enhance established classroom lesson plans and help support different learning styles. A social studies education develops critical-thinking skills, and it teaches students how to evaluate different perspectives, assess the validity of evidence, work in groups and apply facts in decision-making.
  • Our storytelling tool can educate students about the contributions of different ethnic and cultural groups and the value they bring to our nation. 
  • Storytelling brings subject matter alive for students. Families can use our tool to pass on knowledge and experiences to current and future generations. Without this information, children will neither understand their roots nor develop their ethnic and cultural identity.
  • Students can improve their research, writing and communication skills—invaluable assets when they move on to postsecondary education or the workforce.
  • Stories impart the knowledge and experiences of past generations. By focusing on their commonalities rather than their differences, these stories help bring communities together.

Benefits of becoming a School Legacy Partner

Schools that register to participate in Americans All as legacy partners:

  • Receive ongoing revenue from business membership fees and Social Legacy Network subscription fees.
  • Can create a story—in multiple languages, if desired—on the school for our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll, at no cost. It can be updated for free at any time and as often as desired.
  • Can create a free Legacy Partner home page(s)—in multiple languages, if desired—on our Web site to host stories of current and past students, teachers and their families published on our Heritage Honor Roll. This provides further exposure for these stories.
  • Can encourage each student club and team to create its free Legacy Partner home page to host stories of its members.
  • Can offer students a meaningful research and writing project, within established curriculum guidelines, when they create and share a legacy story—in multiple languages, if desired. Producing a legacy story can be a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience for a student and his or her immediate or extended family.
  • Afford students with an opportunity to perform community service by helping others who are less skilled create their own legacy stories.

How the program works

After a school is registered, it can give its Americans All ID number to students, students’ families, staff, alumni and community members so they, too, can join Americans All for free and create and publish stories on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll in multiple languages, if desired.

Americans All members also receive a free 3-month trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network so they can take advantage of discounts offered by our Business Legacy Partners and access new education resources. After the trial, they can subscribe for only $4 per month to continue receiving Social Legacy Network benefits. 

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