Everybody has a story to share and storytelling brings generations together. We offer seniors an opportunity to inexpensively preserve their legacy, so their invaluable knowledge and lessons learned will not be lost forever.

Importance of Storytelling and Legacy Preservation

Legacy stories acknowledge that heritage and culture are rich aspects of personal and group identity. Storytelling is a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience, building empathy and understanding.  For the same reasons an individual creates a will and an estate plan, he or she should create, publish and enjoy a legacy story now—or save it and have it published at a later date. Storytelling:

  • Celebrates memories, experiences and accomplishments;
  • Passes on wisdom and lessons learned to guide future generations;
  • Enables people to control how they are remembered; and
  • Ensures the significance of a lifetime will not be lost forever or, in the case of an unexpected event, wind up as an incomplete, costly and short-lived newspaper obituary.

Our 32-year-old nonprofit foundation's Americans All program promotes legacy preservation and supports social studies instruction because history is the story of people.

We enable seniors to inexpensively share their life stories and learn about the contributions that all people have made—and continue to make—to our nation’s history. Our one-time, tax-deductible membership fee is only $49. However, if your family or your residence/center becomes a Legacy Partner, the fee is only $24.50.  Moreover, we invest more than half of our membership fees to provide inclusive social studies resources to help K–12 students participate successfully in our democracy, economy and workforce.

Benefits of Membership in Americans All 

Americans All members can create and edit a legacy story and share and preserve it forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll and the home pages of our Legacy Partners. This story:

  •  Can contain up to 2,000 words, of which 1,000 can be password protected;
  •  Can be published in multiple languages and be updated at no cost;
  •  Can be enhanced with photographs, home movies and other media;
  •  Can include links to other Heritage Honor Roll legacy stories, social media sites and other Web pages;
  •  Can be shortened to print on an 8½” x 11” template to share with family and friends; and
  •  Can take advantage of our secure event, anniversary and memorial information e-mail tool.

Seniors and their families can also access our existing K–12 social studies information—a $500 value.

Benefits of Membership Our Social Legacy Network

Because education is a lifelong pursuit, seniors can encourage their families to take advantage of a free 3-month trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network. These benefits can continue for just $4 per month after the trial period ends:

  • Our new resource databases with teaching tools, texts, photographs and songs;
  • CollegeSave to receive homework help for their children and grandchildren and earn up to $52,000 in college tuition discount points that can be used at more than 385 colleges in 45 states. During the trial period, a family can earn 1,750 points, worth $1,750 in college tuition discounts (each point is worth $1 in discounts). By joining the Social Legacy Network after the trial period ends, a family can earn an additional $250 in college tuition discounts each month. In 2017, students submitted rewards points worth more than $80.1 million in tuition discounts at participating colleges; and 
  •  Discounts on goods and services from our partners and e-newsletters with money-saving tips.

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