Americans All is a membership-based program of the 35-year-old, nonprofit People of America Foundation. We are the nation’s only initiative that uses storytelling to:

By joining Americans All for a 6-month, renewable membership fee of just $49, Business Legacy Partners can:

  • Receive free home pages on our Web site—one for each location and in multiple languages, if desired—to share information about their business or practice and advertise discounts for current and future Americans All members.
  • Get 2 free 7-digit Gift Coupon Codes (worth $49) to publish stories on our Heritage Honor Roll. One code can be used to create a story on the business or practice and the other to create a story on the owner or founder. Every renewal includes two 7-digit Coupon Codes to gift to staff or family members. Click here to learn how to create a legacy story.
  • Host, on their Legacy Partner home page(s), legacy stories that customers, clients and staff have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. By doing so, a loyalty club is created or expanded for the business or practice to better connect with current and prospective customers and clients.  
  • Are listed on both our Discounts and Legacy Partner landing pages, so Americans All can identify Business Legacy Partners offering discounts on products and services.
  • Can develop co-marketing strategies with other Americans All Business Legacy Partners. 
  • Can encourage other locations of your store or practice to register for free so they can benefit from your Business Legacy Partner account, build local loyalty clubs and be listed on both our Discounts and Legacy Partner landing pages.

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