Benefits of Storytelling and Americans All to Students

Storytelling affords students both academic and personal benefits.

  • Stories begin at birth, and legacies are built each time a personal, academic or professional milestone is achieved. Every student has important experiences and lessons learned to share with family, friends and future generations. Creating and publishing a story about themselves helps students develop skills in critical thinking, communicating, researching and, especially, writing—skills needed to help ensure their success in college and/or the workforce.
  • By learning to use concise language and enhancing stories with photographs and other media, students can record important events and memories as well as share their pride in their ethnic and cultural identity.
  • Publishing a legacy story on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll ensures the significance of a lifetime will not be forgotten and enables students to have a permanent and an accessible social media presence that truly describes who they are.
  • Storytelling can also be a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience that builds empathy, compassion and understanding.
  • By helping others less skilled in the art of writing and the use of technology to incorporate images and recordings into their legacy stories, a student can earn service-learning credits.
  • Helping others create and enhance a story also demonstrates to prospective employers and postsecondary institutions a student’s character and appreciation for how volunteerism benefits a community.

Students joining Americans All get electronic access to our high-quality social studies classroom resources to help them complete homework assignments and special projects.

Benefits of Storytelling and Americans All to Schools

Schools, students and students’ families and friends participate in Americans All at no cost and receive a free, 3-month trial to our Social Legacy Network. They participate in Americans All for free because they reinforce our goals of creating and sharing legacy stories and supporting excellence in social studies instruction. In addition, they can:

  • Easily provide opportunities—in many subject areas—for students to create legacy stories, without changing established classroom lesson plans or instructional practices.
  • Receive a free story on their school that is published on our Heritage Honor Roll.
  • Host, on their free Americans All Legacy Partner home page(s), stories from our Heritage Honor Roll about their students and staff as well as stories created by their students doing volunteer work.
  • Allow students to receive credit for volunteer activities that have an academic component. 
  • Make students and their families aware of the academic and personal benefits of participating in our program.

Benefits of Membership in Americans All

Americans All members can create and edit a legacy story and share and preserve it forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll and on the home pages of our Legacy Partners. This story:

  •  Can contain up to 2,000 words, of which 1,000 can be password protected.
  •  Can be published in multiple languages and be updated at no cost.
  •  Can be enhanced with photographs, home movies and audio recordings.
  •  Can include links to other Heritage Honor Roll legacy stories, social media sites and other Web pages.
  •  Can be shortened to print on an 8½” x 11” template to share with family and friends.

Students and their families can also access our existing K–12 social studies information—a $500+ value.

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