Writing Help

Help with Writing a Legacy Story

Researching and writing a legacy story, and enhancing it with photographs, home movies and other audio and visual recordings, can be a wonderful bonding experience for a family. Best of all, you cannot get it wrong because you are the expert on your life and your achievements.

If you and/or your family need help with writing or editing your legacy story, or want to create another legacy story for your entire family, listed below are individuals and organizations that specialize in doing so.  Their information and credentials are included in their Legacy Partner home page on our Web site. This page also gives examples of stories they have created. These names are provided for your convenience; we do not receive a fee for including them in our list.

Keep in mind that many students are required to perform community service projects to graduate from high school. Helping seniors in assisted living residences create their stories or enhance them with photographs and home movies can help students meet this Service Learning requirement. In addition, many counties have volunteer centers that connect individuals or organizations looking for assistance with those who can provide help. 

We are in the process of creating the list.