As parents, we have a vested interest in making sure our children can participateand succeedin our nation’s democracy, economy and workforce.

When the emphasis in education shifted toward STEM topics and testing in other subject areas increased, support and funding for history and civics declined. We must do as much as possible now to ensure all schools and teachers have access to state-approved, grade-level-specific supplemental social studies resources to use in classroom instruction. Our language arts project, which is designed to supports author/historian David McCollough’s belief that “history is the story of people,” also provides social studies resources that students can use at various grade levels.

A social studies education develops critical-thinking skills, and it teaches students how to evaluate different perspectives, assess the validity of evidence, work in groups and apply facts in decision-making. We cannot allow this important discipline to be diminished. To help, we invest more than half of our membership revenue to enhance K–12 education. Moreover, participating schools receive our resources, at no cost.

Legacy stories acknowledge that heritage and culture are rich aspects of personal and group identity. Storytelling, which can easily be incorporated into existing language arts curriculums, offers many benefits.

  • Stories begin at birth, and legacies are built every time a personal, academic or professional milestone is achieved. Every student has important experiences and lessons learned to share with family, friends and future generations.
  • Creating legacy stories with text, photographs and home videos enables students to celebrate their identity, control how they are thought of and record significant events and memories.
  • Creating a story can be a valuable language arts project, providing students with an electronic diary that highlights, for example, meaningful vacation experiences and semester and /or grade-level accomplishments.
  • Storytelling is a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience, building empathy, compassion and understanding.
  • Publishing a legacy story ensures the significance of a lifetime will not be forgotten.
  • Creating a story can demonstrate to prospective employers and postsecondary institutions that a candidate has strong research and writing skills.
  • By helping others use technology to incorporate images and recordings into their legacy stories, a student can earn community service learning credits. As he or she masters working with templates and improving their communication skills, the student can also contribute writing and translating assistance.
  • Volunteering to help others create and enhance a story can also demonstrate to prospective employers and postsecondary institutions that, in addition to having strong research, writing and technical skills, he or she has come to appreciate how volunteerism can benefit and strengthen a community.

Your PTA/PTO can help by becoming one of our Legacy Partners, at no cost. As a Legacy Partner, your organization:

  • Is given a Promo Code so students, staff and families can join Americans All for $24.50 (a 50 percent discounted rate), without your organization incurring any administrative costs.
  • Can create as many free home pages on our Web site—in multiple languages, if desired—to describe your organization’s activities. More importantly for your school, each student club and team can have its own Legacy Partner homepage to host stories of its members.
  • Supports students by giving them and their families access to vetted supplemental social studies resources (a $500 value), a meaningful research and writing project, and opportunities to perform community service.
  • Supports teachers by affording them opportunities for professional development and access to our supplemental social studies resources and language arts project.
  • Americans All has received preapproval by the Montgomery County Public Schools’ Student Service Learning Office, making it easier for your students to receive community service credit for their volunteer work.

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