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Americans All makes it possible for an individual to record, share and archive their legacy story—an incredibly valuable asset for free. In addition to our storytelling component, members and their families gain access to our current social studies resources—a $650 value. They also get discounts from program partners and a free three-month trial subscription to our Social Legacy Network.

The history of our nation is deeply tied to immigration. Ancestors of all Americans came here from diverse locations. Many of their unrecorded stories represent history’s missing pages.

  • All generations need to pass on the knowledge they inherit from their families. This is extremely important; without it, how will children understand their roots, embrace their identity and learn how to relate to others?
  • Most people, especially students, rely too heavily on electronic devices to do just about everything. Consequently, it's getting harder for them to become proficient in written communication, a skill they will need as they move on from high school to college or job interviews.

Americans All Marketing Videos (60 seconds)

Americans All Brief Overview (40 seconds), October 2018   Stories are now free

Americans All Information Video (3:30 minutes), October 2018    Stories are now free

Americans All Whiteboard Video (59 seconds), May 2018

Americans All Podcast

LegacyCafe, October 2018

Other Videos and PowerPoint Presentations 

Sixth-Grade Ellis Island Simulation Workshop, October 2009

The Link Between Diversity and Democracy, Wichita, KS (32 minutes), November 2003

  Strategies for Success, Wichita, KS (20 minutes), November 2003

  Discussions Between Teachers and Students, Wichita, KS (43 minutes), November 2003

Instructional Video Created by Dr. Gail C. Christopher and The Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992  (26 minutes), June 1992

Channel 8 Television News Segment, San Diego, CA (2:26 minutes), January 1990

Island of Silent Memories (Angel Island) (24 minutes), March 1989