First responders—firefighters, police officers, paramedics and emergency medical technicians—dedicate themselves to aiding and protecting citizens in emergency situations.

They put others’ safety and well-being above their own, often at great risk to themselves. The tragic events of 9-11 offer dramatic proof of the heroism and self-sacrifice of America’s first responders. Yet, because these men and women often serve in anonymity, their dedication to duty can be lost to posterity. By creating and sharing a permanent record of their service, current and future generations gain insights and inspiration.

First Responder Stories on our Heritage Honor Roll

Kenneth M. Hedrick [Hedrick Family] (March 15, 1983 - January 12, 1992) Firefighter /node/433993
On January 12,
1992 Kenny was killed in the Line of Duty. He was a volunteer firefighter with Morningside Volunteer Fire Department in Maryland and had responded with his co-workers to a call for help from a family who lived nearby the fire station.
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