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Americans All, a program of the 32-year-old, nonprofit People of America Foundation, advocates multimedia Web-based storytelling to incorporate legacy preservation into a comprehensive in social studies education. Legacy stories acknowledge that heritage and culture are rich aspects of personal and group identity. The experiences, accomplishments and contributions reflected in these stories lend future generations knowledge, insight and inspiration. Social studies education helps prepare students to succeed in our nation’s participatory democracy and in our increasingly diverse economy and workforce. Our foundation’s work is guided by David McCullough’s belief that “history is the story of people.” Importantly, we invest more than half of our membership revenue to support excellence in social studies instruction.

We offer a low-cost membership for individuals/families and a free user account for schools and groups/businesses/organizations.

Memberships for Individuals/Families

Membership in Americans All costs just $49 (or $24.50 with the use of a 50 percent discount Legacy Partner Promo Code), and this one-time registration fee, more than half of which is invested in developing social studies resources, is tax-deductible. For this amount, you and your family can:

  • Create a legacy story on an individual or a group important to you and your family and share it forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll—in text and through photographs, home movies, and other video and audio mediums. Your story can be updated at any time, retold in multiple languages and shortened printed in an 8½" x 11" template to share with family, friends and associates. To ensure privacy, part of your legacy story can be password protected.
  • Take advantage of our program's event, anniversary and memorial tool.
  • Identify Legacy Partners and ask them to host your story on their Americans All home pages for added exposure.
  • Access some of our education resources—ethnic and cultural texts and songs and period-specific posters and photographs—all highlighting the activities of groups who help our nation grow.
  • Help schools of your choice get quality social studies resources for free.
  • Gift an Americans All membership to others.

As an additional benefit, students helping seniors create their legacy story receive a free legacy story for themselves.

User Accounts for Schools and Groups/Businesses/Organizations

Schools and groups/businesses/organizations participate in our program as Legacy Partners through a free user account. They provide added exposure for legacy stories published on our Heritage Honor Roll by creating a home page on our Web site, in multiple languages if desired. Schools use our quality education resources to further our mission to support excellence in K-12 social studies instruction. Groups/businesses/organizations generate interest in our program by offering members and other Legacy Partners available discounts on goods and services and other benefits.

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Americans All members are eligible to join our Social Legacy Network to access additional benefits.