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Americans All is a 36-year-old nonprofit membership organization managed by a benefit corporation. We ran nine projects across the country, and with the help of Houghton Mifflin, sold its supplemental social studies materials to more than 2,000 schools and libraries nationwide. We advocate multimedia Web-based storytelling to incorporate legacy preservation into a comprehensive educational experience for students and adults. Legacy stories acknowledge that heritage and culture are rich aspects of personal and group identity. The experiences, accomplishments and contributions reflected in these stories lend future generations knowledge, insight and inspiration. This helps prepare students to succeed in our nation’s participatory democracy and our increasingly diverse economy and workforce.

Schools, students, and community members participate in Americans All for free and get a three-month free trial in our Social Legacy Network. This membership enables them to get discounts on goods and services from our program business partners. After the free trial expires (students keep the Social Legacy Network membership until their class graduates), they can continue to receive benefits for a $4/month fee, 77 percent of which goes to the school of their choice. Businesses pay a fee of $49 every six months, 77 percent of which goes to a school of their choice. 

The current political environment in our increasingly diverse society is highly polarized and socially segregated, the economic forecast is uncertain, and consumer confidence is low. We address these issues:

  • Community members, including high school students, want to find discounts when they shop.  
  • Businesses and professional service providers need to expand traffic and look for affordable and effective ways to do this.
  • Public and private schools need more noncurricular resources to help produce a well-rounded education for their students.
  • Homeschool families need access to inexpensive, non-political resources.
  • All schools need an unrestricted stream of annual revenue that requires minimal staff to administer.
  • Fewer than half of high school students nationwide believe they are adequately prepared for college and careers.
  • Mental health professionals say many students need help to develop a positive sense of self.

Extensive research confirms that life stories are central to people’s sense of self and the social world they inhabit. It also asserts that intergenerational knowledge of one’s family history is associated with positive mental health, wholeness, well-being and a sense of belonging. When people belong, they feel emotionally connected and welcomed.

Create a legacy story on an individual or a group important to you and your family and share it forever on our Web-based Heritage Honor Roll—in text and through photographs, home movies, and other video and audio mediums. Your story can be updated at any time, retold in multiple languages and shortened printed in an 8½" x 11" template to share with family, friends and associates. To ensure privacy, part of your legacy story can be password protected.

User Accounts for Nonprofits, Education Organizations and Businesses

Nonprofits and education organizations participate in our program as Legacy Partners through a free user account. They provide added exposure for legacy stories published on our Heritage Honor Roll by creating a home page on our Web site, in multiple languages if desired. Business Legacy Partners use our Web site to share information about their business or practice and advertise discounts for current and future Americans All members. They also provide more exposure for our Heritage Honor Roll legacy stories by hosting them on their Americans All home page(s). They are listed on our Legacy Partner and Discounts landing pages.

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