State Resource Databases

Supplementing the Americans All classroom resources are state- and grade-level-specific resource databases to ensure all K–12 schools can access high-quality and timely instructional materials. This information supports content standards and reflects how each state's public and private schools teach social studies at various grade levels. The resource databases are structured to help Social Legacy Network members find information quickly and easily. They are organized, alphabetically and by subject matter, to include names of people, places, events and concepts.

Moreover, our program advocates multimedia Web-based storytelling to incorporate legacy preservation into a comprehensive social studies education. Together these stories not only record insights and experiences for family and friends, but also shed light on “history’s missing pages.”

Besides being able to electronically access information from their own state’s resource database, teachers can electronically access information included in other states’ resource databases. Teachers should click on their state’s name to access the landing page for its resource database. Embedded in the databases are links to other appropriate information to strengthen learning opportunities and facilitate interdisciplinary connections. 


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