Professional Development and Teacher Support

Intellectually rigorous, sustained professional development is needed to make teaching more effective and to achieve learning goals. For this reason, we are supporting, through our Social Legacy Network, professional development opportunities to enhance teachers' capacity to infuse Americans All program resources and state- and grade-level-specific resource databases into their social studies instruction and increase their understanding of the interdisciplinary value of these materials.

Click here to view the instructional video created by Dr. Gail C. Christopher and the Houghton Mifflin Company.
Click here to view a correlation of Americans All to Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Textbooks for every grade level, December 1992.
Click here to view a thematic correlation of Americans All created by Houghton Mifflin for middle grades, December 1992.
Click here to view a correlation of Americans All to the Seattle, Washington, Social Studies Framework, 1997.
Click here to view free resources and professional development from the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation.

Much of the professional development will be delivered via Web-based technologies, including instructional videos, meetings and webinars. Through these forums, teachers can learn about promising strategies and best practices in social studies education. Other topics include ways to encourage parent involvement and community engagement in student learning activities.

We also make available grade-level-specific teacher’s guides that suggest activities to help teachers teach social studies effectively and creatively. Teachers can access our Web site to find additional ideas and tools, including sample simulations and lesson plans and test questions.

"What an extraordinary time we all had with the Americans All team. . . . The full ramifications of such learning power will be told in the lives of generations to come."— Ethel Engrum, Chief Educational Administrator, High Point High School, Beltsville, Maryland

"None of these [other programs] can compare to the content-specific, teaching- and learning-styles-oriented and affect-centered materials [that] are the hallmark of Americans All programming. The timeline [publication] and structured teaching lessons are invaluable resources to our teachers."— Neil Huguley, Jr., Principal, Rogers School for the Creative and Performing Arts, and Executive Director, I Dream a World, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania