Constantine Foltis Memorial Foundation

The Constantine Foltis Memorial Foundation’s

The Constantine Foltis Memorial Foundation’s mission is to raises awareness and funds to foster the healing bond between people and animals. This process helps both recapture their lives from physical and emotional hardships. A portion of the funds we raise are shared with related charitable organizations to assist them in achieving their like-minded goals. The Foundation collaborates with medical and mental health professionals, veteran's groups, therapists and others practicing animal assisted therapy, animal welfare organizations, and many more. We engage in the following with our like-minded partners and other organizations and individuals:

  • Film projects to include documentaries, television, and other video efforts
  • Publishing magazine articles and books about the healing bond between people and animals
  • Teaming with professionals in related fields
  • Sharing real-life stories about many who have transformed their lives through the help of an animal
  • Partnerships with other charitable organizations
  • Formal events

The Foundation’s official mascot is Tess, a Hanoverian mare originally imported from Germany as a wedding present to a bride. The Foundation is current reorganization its structure.

Legacy Stories from the Americans All Heritage Honor Roll

We are pleased to host and share these legacy stories created by honorees’ family, friends and associates. They, like us, appreciate that heritage and culture are an integral part of our nation's social fabric and want to help students participate effectively in our nation's economy, workforce and democracy.

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Brendan Fitzgerald Maryland (March 16, 1967 - ?) Management and Program Analyst, Veteran, Service Dog, PTSD

Marine Corps veteran Brendan Fitzgerald and his dog Russell offer hope and courage to veterans, their families, and others struggling to overcome trauma. Russell became the first service dog to “report for duty” at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Constantine "Connie" Foltis Virginia (December 1, 1929 - June 16, 2011) Russia, Scotland, Greek, Naval Architect, Boatsman

Constantine "Connie" Foltis was born in New York City on December 1, 1929, and died at Bailey Family Center for Caring of Community Hospice in St. Augustine, Florida, on June 16, 2011. Those who knew him at the center would never forget his generosity, talent, laughter, friendship, love, and compassion.

Albert "Chew" Kullen Maryland (December 27, 1909 - July 30, 1966) Jewish, Poland, Businessman

Albert “Chew” Kullen was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the oldest of four children. His parents, Sam and Mary Kulchinsky, were Jewish immigrants from Russia and, in addition to a rich appreciation for their heritage, they afforded their children a unique distinction.