Smithville, TX, Chamber of Commerce

The Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce has been serving the needs of Smithville businesses for seventy years. Established in 1947 by a group of hard- working Smithville business owners, the Chamber has strived over the years to bring visitors to Smithville, provide opportunities for our member businesses and create economic opportunities for everyone. The Chamber Executive Director (the only full-time position on staff) and the Chamber Assistant (a part-time position) are devoted to working with the Board and community volunteers to ensuring the success of our small town.

Our 15-member board, our community hosts and our myriad other dedicated volunteers support the work of the Chamber to promote Smithville area businesses and the City of Smithville to local residents and to attract tourism, facilitate and provide community services with recreational events and committee functions, provide information to visitors and newcomers, and promote benefits of Smithville to potential residents and businesses, including the film industry. Yes, we do keep busy, and we love it!

Contact us at 512-237-2313 or visit our website at

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Smithville, Texas Texas (c.1827 - ?) American Town, Bastrop County, Railroad

Smithville, just off State Highway 71 and ten miles a of Bastrop in southeastern Bastrop County, was established by Thomas Gazeley, who in 1827 settled near the present site. Gazeley operated a store there until his death in 1853, and the community that sprang up around the store was named Smithville, after William Smith and his family. J. P. Jones and Frank Smith opened a store in the community in 1867 . . .  

Smithville Public Library, TX Texas (September 1929 - ?) Public Library

At a meeting of the Woman's Club in September of 1929, the germ of an idea to establish a public library was proposed; followed by the search for a location. City officials granted space in the Council Chamber and Court Room for storage of books until a better site was determined. The original donation of books came from the private library of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rodgers of the Upton community.