Kullen (Kulchinsky) Family

Patriarch Samuel Kulchinsky arrived in Baltimore from Lvov, Russia, in the early 1900s and married his first wife, Mary, soon after. They had four children. Albert (“Chew”) married Irene Gerson and had one daughter, Marilyn (Butch Ehrlich). Harry married Bea Sapperstein and had two daughters, Mariam (Stanley Charlow) and Joan (Karl Kramer). Sol married Eunice Statland and had two children, Allan (Diane Klein) and Marian (Karl Ecker). Sara married Morris Kerman and had three children, Edward (Margie Hicks), Fred (Shelly Beckman) and Beverly (Stuart Gould). The family changed its name to Kullen in the mid-1940s.

After Mary passed away and Sam remarried, he moved to DC and set up grocery store to support his family. Sol went to DC and built a carrier in commercial printing and publishing, ultimately becoming one of the nation’s seven national printers for TV Guide. Sara also moved to DC, worked her father’s store, and raised her family with Morris, who had earned his accounting degree and served in the Army, achieving rank of Captain. He later went into the real estate business. Chew went to New York to work for his relative Sam Friedman in their shoe stores and as a result, meet and married Irene. However, after the crash of 1929, he returned to Baltimore and went into the vendor and slot machine business. Harry remained in Baltimore and worked his way up to becoming head of the Joseph Katz Advertising agency.

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Albert "Chew" Kullen Maryland (December 27, 1909 - July 30, 1966) Jewish, Poland, Businessman

Albert “Chew” Kullen was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the oldest of four children. His parents, Sam and Mary Kulchinsky, were Jewish immigrants from Russia and, in addition to a rich appreciation for their heritage, they afforded their children a unique distinction.

Albert "Chew" Kullen Maryland (December 27, 1909 - July 30, 1966) יידיש, פוילן, ביזנעסמאן

אַלבערט "טשו" קולען איז געבױרן געװאָרן אין באַלטימאָר, מערילענד.  ער איז געװען דער עלטסטער פֿון פֿיר קינדער.  די עלטערן, סעם און מערי קולטשיסקי, זענען געװען ייִדישע אימיגראַנטן פֿון רוסלאַנד.  אין צוגאָב צו אַ רײַכער אָפּשאַצונג פֿון זײער ירושה האָבן זײ געשאָנקען די קינדער אַן אױסצײכענונג װאָס איז יחיד־בנימו.  כאָטש 

Allan S. Kullen Maryland (February 20, 1942 - ?) Author, Businessman, Golfer, Inventor, Jewish, Marketing, Mergers-Acquisitions, Poland, Printer, Social Entrepreneur, Traveler

“Her name is Ester Baumgartner. Do you know her? She's a pretty Swiss girl who sings beautifully, and I think she lives near here." Allan had posed the question in a broken mixture of Hebrew and English to whoever would listen and could understand him. Allan had met Ester while on an archaeological dig at Masada in the Negev, Israel. All he knew by the time they parted ways was her name and that she was staying in Tel Aviv.