Categories and Issues/Topics Index

     Legacy Partners are businesses and professional service providers, and nonprofit organizations whose missions reinforce our goals of preserving legacy stories, acknowledging the contributions of immigrants, supporting social studies instruction and helping small businesses succeed.

     All Legacy Partners receive a 6-digit ID Number when they register so their clients, members, friends and staff can easily find them on our site by putting the word “node” and that ID number after our web Moreover, Legacy Partners can access Americans All logos and marketing materials to help advertise their membership in our program.

Nonprofit Legacy Partners and Issues/Topics

     Nonprofit Legacy Partners (NLPs) participate in Americans All at no cost because they host, on their free Legacy Partner home page(s) on our website, legacy stories that members have published on our Heritage Honor Roll to provide further exposure for these stories. These home page(s)—one for each chapter/division/office and in multiple languages, if desired—share information about the organization and help it better connect with current and future members.

     NLPs are listed on our Legacy Partner landing page and can be searched by name, language, category and location. To help individuals and groups that share a common interest but do not have a national organization, and to consolidate stories on historically relevant topics, we have added landing pages for these issue/topics in our Legacy Partner section. If an individual or a group creates a story about an issue/topic we have not identified, notify us via our Contact page and we can create a landing page for that issue/topic.

Some of the major Categories (many have sub-pages) and Issues/Topics identified in our Legacy Partner section are these:

American County, City or Town  /node/566345

American History  /node/566344

Champions of Social Justice  /node/566356

Civil Rights Movement  /node/566247

Civil War  /node/566238

Civil War: Stories About People  /node/566270

Colleges  /node/566389

Covid-19  /node/566360

Education Organizations  /node/566346    

Ethnic and Cultural Groups  /node/564232

First Responders  /node/566361

Fraternal Organizations  /node/566347

Homeschool Family Resource Supplier  /node/565065  

Jim Crow  /node/566310

Legal Profession  /node/566358

Libraries  /node/566388

Military Personnel and Organizations  /node/566348

Museums  /node/566390

Political Leaders  /node/566350

Political Organizations  /node/566351

Social Organizations  /node/566352

Social Studies Resource Providers  /node/566353

Women's Suffrage Movement  /node/566277