Background Information on the Americans All—Dade Pilot Program

I  am writing on behalf of the Dade County Public Schools to extend my thanks to you and the Americans All program for meeting with our teachers and principals to provide them with an overview of the American All program. . . . The meeting was very successful and that the teachers’ and principals’ only question was when will the program begin.

The school district has had the opportunity to review numerous multicultural programs and, as you know, I am somewhat an expert in the fie1d, and it is our conclusion that Americans All* is a program that meets our needs. The Dade County Public Schools has students who represent over 120 different nations around the world. We are truly a multicultural school district and community. It is for this reason that Americans All meets our needs. We wish to stress the prefix "multi" which is the essence of your program.

As is the case with many school districts across the nation, the Dade County Public Schools faced a huge budget shortfall this year and an even greater deficit is anticipated next school year. It is anticipated that  we will have to eliminate many positions in the district office next year. Any  way that you can assist us implement Americans All would be welcomed and most of all would benefit the children in our school district who represent so many cultures.

Again, thanks for sharing the program with me and also earlier this month with teachers and  principals. Probably one of the best testimonials about the program came from one of our principals who said he would be willing to use his budget to provide substitute coverage for all of his eighth grade teachers, rather than the one or two substitutes the district would be able to provide [emphasis added]. . . .
Frank de Varona, Associate Superintendent,
                                                                                      Bureau of Education, February 19, 1991

* American All was a provider of supplemental social studies and language arts resources—texts, photographs, simulations, guides and music recordings. It provided intensive teacher training for a number of Dade County's social studies teachers in 1991.

Highlights from the Dade Pilot Program

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