Background information on the Americans All—Washington, D.C. Pilot Program

I wish to thank you for your invitation to participate in piloting "Immigrants All . . . Americans All*: A National Multicultural Education Program." I wholeheartedly accept your offer.

This opportunity is offered at an especially meaningful time for us. Modern means of transportation and communication have transformed the world into a "global village." With an enrollment of students representing scores of countries and nationalities, religious and ethnic groups, the District of Columbia Public Schools is a microcosm of this global village. Of the 1989-90 pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade enrollment, ninety-six percent are "minorities;" of this group, 91.7 percent are African Americans.

Recently, a substantial number of students from Central and South America, Asia, North Africa and the Caribbean Islands have moved into the District of Columbia. Providing our students with an education that reflects in a positive way the contributions of America's diverse population is a great contemporary challenge. In an effort to meet this challenge, we have recently embarked upon an important examination of the multicultural content of our existing curriculum. We find that, while our students are able to observe a wide range of cultural traditions and hear individuals converse in a multitude of languages; our curriculum has not kept pace with the ethnic and cultural changes represented by our enrollment. . . .

Again, thank you for your efforts on behalf of the teachers and students of the District of Columbia Public Schools.

                                                              Letter from Andrew E. Jenkins III, Superintendent
                                                              of  Schools, Chief State Officer, May 21, 1990

* American All was a provider of supplemental social studies and language arts resources—texts, photographs, simulations, guides and music recordings. It provided intensive teacher training for a number of Washington D.C. social studies teachers from 1990-91 and orientations and overpresentations from 1989-90. The program's name was shortened in 1990.

Highlights from the Washington, D.C. Pilot Program

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