Background Information on the Americans All—Nassau BOCES Pilot Program

On behalf of our Superintendent Dr. Jerry W. Shiveley and our entire organization, I want you to know we are delighted that Nassau BOCES has been selected to take a leadership role in developing Americans AII* New York for the State. The support that this has received from our district's schools has clearly demonstrated our interest and commitment ​to this effort. I have enclosed the Implementation Plan for Americans AII New York. We are very well prepared to act as the fiscal agent for the State, and are in the process of developing the advisory committee that will assist our own staff and other BOCES' curriculum directors in linking the materials to our State social science framework and standards programs.

We are also completing our research on other education organizations within the State that will support our work in the same way that the Vermont Historical Society has agreed to partner with its own Department of Education. With a state this large, it is important for us to make sure that we have investigated all potential partners in this area.

Please let me know as soon as full funding has been obtained for New York so that we can begin implementing this critically needed program.

Thank you again very much for your confidence in us and we look forward ​to a long and very successful working relationship with the Foundation.
                                                                                    Letter from John Gangemi, Ph.D
                                                                                    Deputy Superintendent, May 24, 2002

* American All was a provider of supplemental social studies and language arts resources—texts, photographs, simulations, guides and music recordings. It provided intensive teacher training for a number of Nassau-Boces and other New York social studies teachers from 1994-96. It also conducted orientation and overview presentations for principals and educators from 1991-93.

Highlights from the Nassau-Boces Pilot Program

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