Background Information on the Americans AllPittsburgh Pilot Program

I am pleased to inform you that Pittsburgh’s Americans All* teachers are still actively using the Americans All materials in their classrooms. In spite of cutbacks in Diversity Based training for our district, a recent survey and teacher’s evaluation of the program showed that teachers and students are still benefiting from Americans All programs and strategies. We are hopeful that through other funding, donations or gifts, we will  be able to continue the enthusiasm of learning  to fully appreciate each other’s culture. When teachers receive good materials and excellent training, they forge ahead.

The Americans All program has proven itself to be valued by Pittsburgh teachers and students alike. Our student educational objectives will be greatly enhanced and will. benefit from the Americans All delivery of outcome based educational specific goals via diversity-based awareness and sensitive materials. It will also serve as a model  to duplicate across the greater Pittsburgh area and throughout the state and country.     

Americans All has the Pittsburgh seal of  approval! 
                                                                Letter from Program Director Neal Huguley, Jr.
                                                                October 20, 1995 

* American All was a provider of supplemental social studies and language arts resources—texts, photographs, simulations, guides and music recordings. It provided intensive teacher training for a number of Pittsburgh's social studies teachers from 1991-92.

Highlights from the Pittsburgh Pilot Program

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