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 Background Information on the Americans All—San Diego Pilot Program

It will have been six years next month since the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education approved the participation by the District and its teachers in a field study of your Americans All* program. It was felt that we should summarize for you and your directors the results on the conduct of the study. This letter will provide a brief recap of the study in our school district; reflect the results as shared by our teachers, principals and curriculum workers; and communicate to you the lessons we feel we have learned from our conduct of the field study.
. . . I continue in my very early conclusion, made more than five years ago, that this program with its wealth of materials meets a wide variety of schools' needs and can be  used by any student of any ethnicity at any grade level in any state to meet a wide variety of both intellectual and affective needs. 
                                                         Harvey  L. Prokop, Social Studies Program Manager,
                                                        Social Studies Program Manager, September 5, 1995

* American All was a provider of supplemental social studies and language arts resources—texts, photographs, simulations, guides and music recordings. It provided intensive teacher training for a number of San Diego's social studies teachers and principals from 1989-90.

Highlights from the San Diego Pilot Program

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