Background Information on the Americans All—Vermont Pilot Program

I would like to write this letter of support for the People of America Foundation and its
work to develop an inclusive database that honors the cultural diversity of our nation.
Even though Vermont continues to be a rather homogeneous state, we need to prepare our students to live in a diverse nation.

Vermont has extensive and rich history. However, most of our original historical
documents and artifacts are in various locations around thestate, not easily accessible to Vermont educators and students. This project will provide a database to share these valuable primary resources in a way that is equitable and easily accessible.

Thank you for selecting Vermont as one of the first Americans AlI Pilot Sites. The
Vermont Department of Education is excited to be a partner with other organizations
around the state to develop the Vermont AmericansAiI Project. W.e look forward to
working closely with you as the project moves forward.

                                                                                          Ray McNulty, Commissioner
                                                                                          January 10, 2002

Highlights from the Vermont Pilot Program

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