Americans All Benefit Corporation

The Americans All Benefit Corporation is the marketing and operations arm of the People of America Foundation. A benefit corporation is a corporate form designed for for-profit entities that want to consider the needs of society and the environment in addition to profit in their decision-making process. Benefit corporations differ from traditional corporations with regard to their purpose, accountability and transparency. They expand the fiduciary duty of, and provide legal protection for, directors and officers to enable them to consider the interests of nonfinancial stakeholders in addition to those of financial stakeholders.

As its marketing and operations arm, the benefit corporation supervises the foundation’s day-to-day operations and Web site development and maintenance. It also manages relations with Americans All Social Legacy Network and Legacy Partner Alliance members. In addition, the benefit corporation provides technical support for the creation and distribution of the foundation’s state- and grade-level-specific social studies resource databases and the expansion of the Americans All diversity-based classroom resources. 

Legacy Stories from the Americans All Heritage Honor Roll

We are pleased to host and share these legacy stories created by honorees’ family, friends and associates. They, like us, appreciate that heritage and culture are an integral part of our nation's social fabric and want to help students participate effectively in our nation's economy, workforce and democracy.

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Tournament of Noses [Noses Community] (c.1962 - c.1995) Annual Four-Day Golf Party /node/548133

In 1962, three foursomes put up $25 per man and drew two-man teams to play golf for the $300 pot. The event was so successful that the players decided to do it again the following year, setting up a committee to plan and lead it.

Margaret Ann (Auer) Brennan [Brennan Family] (c.1926 - c.1998) /node/434031

The facts of my mother’s life are largely unremarkable, except for the tragedies she experienced. She lost her first husband in World War II, and her youngest child to leukemia at the age of five.

Brendan Fitzgerald [Constantine Foltis Memorial Foundation] (March 16, 1967 - ?) Management and Program Analyst /node/434032

Marine Corps veteran Brendan Fitzgerald and his dog Russell offer hope and courage to veterans, their families, and others struggling to overcome trauma. Russell became the first service dog to “report for duty” at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

George Alfred Harrison [Tay Hahn] (September 14, 1918 - October 20, 1987) Military Officer /node/433992

September 3, 1939—“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." My father had just been admitted to law school, and Great Britain had just declared war on Germany. September 4, 1939, was his 21st birthday. Overwhelmed by patriotic fever, he declined law school and joined the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Albert "Chew" Kullen [Marilyn Ehrlich] (December 27, 1909 - July 30, 1966) Businessman /node/433997

Albert “Chew” Kullen was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the oldest of four children. His parents, Sam and Mary Kulchinsky, were Jewish immigrants from Russia and, in addition to a rich appreciation for their heritage, they afforded their children a unique distinction.

Allan S. Kullen [Kullen Family] (February 20, 1942 - ?) Businessman and Social Entrepreneur /node/553341

“Her name is Ester Baumgartner. She’s a pretty Swiss girl who sings beautifully, and I think she lives near here. Do you know her?” Allan Kullen had posed the question over and over in a broken mixture of Hebrew and English to whoever would listen and could understand him.

Stephen Pekich [Theodore Pekich Family] (January 8, 1941 - ?) Publishing Consultant /node/564820

Steve Pekich recently celebrated 52 years in the publishing industry. His career began as a production trainee on January 3, 1966 at Houghton Mifflin Company in Boston, and continued in a variety of management positions, including President of the Riverside Publishing Company, Houghton’s assessment subsidiary based in Chicago.