The story of America is about the countless men and women
who give up their own comfort, the company of their loved
ones, and sometimes their lives, in service to our nation

From the Revolutionary War to the worldwide fight against ISIS, in times of both
war and peace, military personnel endure hardship so Americans can enjoy peace and freedom. Yet, because these men and women often serve in anonymity, their stories of sacrifice and dedication to duty can be lost forever. By creating and sharing a permanent record of their service, current and future generations gain insights and inspiration.

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and groups published on our Heritage Honor Roll.

Adams, Lucian, /node/564934

Alamo, The, /node/564843

American Revolutionary War, /node/564844

Andersonville Angel, /node/564869

Antietam, Battle of, /node/564870

Colvin, Patrick "Paddy," /node/564867

Fitzgerald, Brendan, /node/434032

McNamara, Robert S., /node/565020

Moore, Lt. Gen. Harold Gregory "Hal," /node/434035

Nimitz, Admiral Chester William Sr., /node/564942

Pike Zebulon Montgomery, /node/564933

George P. Schott [Schott Family] (1922 - 1990) Naval Seabee /node/434030

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo [Americans All - California] (c. - 1890) Comandante Militar, Político y Ranchero /node/434008

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo [Americans All ] (c. - 1890) Military Commander, Politician and Rancher /node/434103

VFW Post 350 "Hells Bottom" [Americans All-Maryland] (February 23, 1921 - ) Veteran Service Organization /node/434134

Home Pages for Military Organizations on our Legacy Partner Landing Page:

Military Heroes, /node/564652 (English)

Héroes Militares, /node/564612   (Spanish)

VFW Post 350 "Hells Bottom," /node/434133